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Ed Larson says Rutland has enough play for everyone.

Larson is set to open the Two Ravens Games next week on Hillside Road, just off Woodstock Avenue. With a focus on board games, miniature wargames, and tabletop role-playing games, he said he would have some overlap with Draw Go Games, but not try to compete with the store. downtown.

“I don’t blame them,” he said. “I always do my shopping there. I don’t want them to go away. … I try to reach out and play well with others, not to fight for the 10 players who are here, but to make sure there are 20 players.

If anything, Larson said, more choice increases Rutland’s chances of becoming a destination for hobbyists, and he said the city’s game and comic book stores could end up coordinating events in one. near future.

A long-time player and no connection to the former alderman of the city of the same name – “I always get asked that,” he said – Larson, 45, said he dreams of opening a game store for 30 years and was planning to convert his day job as a fire system inspector into a side gig. The name of the shop refers to Odin’s ravens in Norse mythology.

“I am a Viking reenactor,” he said. “How can you not? “

Larson said he has a number of ambitions for the store, starting with offering the largest selection of Dungeons & Dragons action figures in Vermont.

“They make about 400 different miniatures, and I have 390 on the shelf,” he said. “I carry miniatures from 15 different societies – historical miniatures, Judge Dredd, science fiction and fantasy. … I do my best to have more board games than anywhere in New England. I have at this stage, 155, 165 titles that I have in stock. … I have a lot of out of date and sort of outdated game systems in one section of the store. “

He also said he didn’t want the experience to start and end with the stock.

“I’m trying to make sure this store has a soul,” he said. “I have mural painters who come to do the whole place. There will be no united wall. … we try to make this the kind of store you want to walk into full time before you even look at the merchandise.

An organizer of the “Viking Invasion” events at Sherburne Memorial Library and play programs at other local libraries, Larson said he is working on an in-store events program that will run from children’s and beginner clinics to painting miniatures at age 18 and over. on game nights.

Two Ravens Games opens on October 6.

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