Netflix acquires Oxenfree Dev Studio



Night School Studios, the developer of Oxenfree, announces that they have joined Netflix and shares what the partnership means for the future.


While some indie development studios sometimes struggle to take a big break, Night School Studios was able to strike home with their debut title. Without beef, which aroused a small cult. The studio has since created other narrative games such as After the party, and is currently developing Beef Free II. As fans await the rest of Alex and his friends’ story, the studio recently announced that it has “joined the Netflix team.”

Netflix has been aiming for some time to expand outside of its usual video streaming and rental market, starting with an attempt to break into comics. Recently, the company began testing its video game streaming service for its platform, and the acquisition of Night School Studios marks Netflix’s first exclusive development studio.

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Night School Studios explains in its blog post regarding the deal that its love for narrative storytelling and Netflix’s goal of giving its creators an “unprecedented canvas to create” matched perfectly, saying the streaming company grants the “utmost care” to protect how the studio has always handled its development process. For fans, Night School Studios also says they don’t have to worry and that Oxenfree II development is still going as planned.

Hearing the news, some fans have expressed concern that it means that a large independent studio now has its games behind a streaming service like Google’s Stadia, which few gamers enjoy. While the Night School post said nothing about the exclusivity, Netflix’s own press release mentions that it has worked hard to create exclusive games for its lineup, which means it’s possible that future titles by Night School Studios are indeed only found on the Netflix platform.

With that in mind, it may seem like a real loss to some fans of Night School’s work, as it may mean that future titles may be on a platform they don’t particularly like, or don’t have. not the necessary membership to play them. Even though some Without beef fans may end up not being able to support upcoming studio titles, new future fans can find out what Night School has to offer more easily as they can pick up and drop off Netflix titles quite easily.

As disturbing as the partnership may be, Netflix’s post specifically mentions that its gaming streaming platform will be part of any membership gamers may already have, with no microtransactions down the road. It may cause these games to be easier on player wallets, but time will tell how much by netflix game service works once it arrives.

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Source: Night School Studios, Netflix


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