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A taste of Italian terror

Epic Games Store digital retailer unveiled the two new titles which it will offer free to all users next week – On October 27th we will have a little creep and a little carnage with the arrival of the horror adventure Saturnalia and tabletop strategy simulation Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus.

Making its grand debut on October 27, Saturnalia is an atmospheric horror title developed by Italian studio Santa Ragione and encapsulating the country’s love for oppressive, colorful and unnerving macabre stories. This roguelike adventure will see the player control a cast of characters, who find themselves trapped in a labyrinthine village under the power of an ancient, otherworldly evil.

With a heavy aesthetic inspired by Giallo, Saturnalia will blend challenging roguelike gameplay with a body of rich Sardinian folklore to create a non-linear adventure featuring procedurally generated dungeons, an array of puzzles, and an engaging yet somewhat abstract narrative – all awash in a unique style that evokes the homage to Italian horror greats like Dario Argento and Mario Bava.

This Epic Games Store release represents the premiere of Santa Ragione’s mysterious odyssey, with PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch ports also arriving on the same day.

One of millions of titles released under the Games Workshop umbrella Warhammer 40K banner, Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus sees another chapter in the Imperium’s endless interplanetary strife. Launched in 2018 and developed by Bulwark Studios, Mechanic is an action-strategy game that places a heavy emphasis on cybernetic enhancements and body modifications of this particular chapter of the Space Marines, making humans deadlier than ever with a wide range of symbiotic enhancements.

With fully customizable units, resource management mechanics, a massive arsenal of devastating weaponry, multiple-choice story options, and over 50 stages of brutal battles with the encroaching Xenos, Mechanic, much like its gaming brethren, packs hours and hours of strategic tabletop action, and is sure to keep Genestealer painters everywhere engaged into the wee hours of the evening. For the Imperium!

Saturnalia and Warhammer 40K: Mechanicus can be downloaded from the Epic Games Store starting October 27. Until then, users can still afford the current gifts Fallout 3 and Evoland.

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