Marvel’s Avengers is a perfect fit for Xbox Game Pass


After an eventful first year, Marvel’s Avengers joined Xbox’s Game Pass service, paving the way for a future with a dramatically increased player base.

Recently, Microsoft announced that Marvel Avengers would be a last minute addition to the Xbox Game Pass September lineup. Avengers drops right after the game’s first anniversary, bringing with it the full story campaign and free DLC series of missions and characters and, given Avengersfree DLC promise, plenty of future updates to come as well.

Although it’s already available on PlayStation Now, Avengers coming to Game Pass opens it up to a new audience that has delivered the game of live service so far. Amid reports of dwindling player numbers and months of fixes after a rough launch, switching to Game Pass may be the best possible fix for the troubled action title.

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Black Panther intimidates a mercenary in Marvel's Avengers: War for Wakanda.

Of course, some notable content will not be available in the Game Pass version of Avengers. Spider-Man is still coming to the game in an update that Square Enix is ​​promoting as a big event, with its own story and cutscenes. Unfortunately for Xbox fans, he remains a PlayStation exclusive character, so they will miss his Avengers team in addition to his PlayStation exclusive single player adventures. Game Pass subscribers will get the game’s existing update content, including the recent one War for Wakanda update, which introduced Black Panther as a playable character. It featured a campaign where T’Challa and the Avengers faced off against supervillains Klaue and Crossbones. Previous updates have added Hawkeyes Kate Bishop and Clint Barton with their own single-player campaigns, which Xbox players can play ahead of their Disney + show debut.

All of these updates provide players with a fair amount of content to play after completing the game’s well-received single-player campaign, which focuses on Ms. Marvel. Depending on how long he stays on Game Pass, they might get more new characters on top of the game’s core roster. Square has confirmed that more are on the way. She might not have the cultural cache of Spider-Man, but the teasing addition of Scarlet Witch could give Xbox gamers an exciting new Avenger to play, in terms of gameplay and storytelling.

Players who prefer a single player experience who have been disabled by Avengers The loot-obsessed multiplayer has a reason to give it a go now that it’s included with a Game Pass membership. Multiplayer should also get a boost Avengers’ The beginnings of Game Pass. Avengers has struggled with player count since launch. Removing the purchase of the game as a barrier to entry should increase player numbers and make multiplayer a better experience, at least temporarily.

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Marvel Avengers Red Room Outfits

Unfortunately, this multiplayer boost will only affect Xbox players. Avengers still doesn’t offer cross-platform cross play, so anyone playing on PlayStation and PC will face the same basic gamer issues. And while all solo content comes at no additional cost, there are still plenty of microtransactions in the form of skins, nameplates, emotes, and indents. Some can be obtained by completing Challenge Cards, which can be purchased for each character as a permanently unlocked premium track. Others require either purchase or serious work to earn in-game credits. There are also a plethora of costumes based on MCU designs, though fans were quick to object to this being. purely paid cosmetics.

The major asset of Avengers Coming to Game Pass, like PlayStation Now, is that it lets gamers taste it as part of Game Pass’s biggest game buffet. Streaming services have replaced game rentals as a way to try out games without owning something that could quickly lose interest. Avengers’ charms, which exist despite their flaws, could thus reach a wider audience. At the very least, Marvel fans could use something to play around while waiting to see if guardians of the galaxy up to its potential.

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