Mario Party Superstars – Das Come Back Der Nintendo 64 Oldies


“Back to the Roots” is the goal of “Mario Party Superstars”

It’s been over 20 years since the first “Mario Party” appeared on Nintendo 64 in this country. The start of a successful series with many titles has been revived by Hudson Soft and Nintendo. With six manageable characters like Mario, Luigi, Peach and Go, things started happening around this point. Unsurprisingly, there have been a lot of changes not only in the number of characters to choose from, but also in the addition of playgrounds, mini-games, and additional features. Since then, the “Mario Party” universe has grown considerably with its eleven titles and five portable games, which have not all been released in Germany. It is now known that E3 will add a new branch with “Mario Party Superstars” from October 2021. It goes back to the roots of the Nintendo 64 era.

That’s the game

Mario Party games all follow a simple yet very entertaining approach, primarily aimed at playing with family and friends. It changes nothing less than a classic board game and brings classic gaming garlands to the screen. In “Party Mode”, each player selects a character and moves the virtual game board with dice rolls. Items are used and coins are collected and then you invest in stars. Whoever collects the most stars and coins in the game can be chosen as the winner. After each player has rolled the dice, there is a mini-game at the end of each round in which you can grab coins. Those who want to enjoy no-fuss minigames will get their money’s worth in ‘minigame mode’. Depending on the title, the number of mini-games varies between 60 and 80 games, which is reason enough for a lot of fun.

Tribute to Nintendo 64 and GameCube games

The latest title available from October is “Mario Party Superstars,” combining a total of 100 mini-games and five Nintendo 64 game boards from all parts of the series. The first “Mario Party” you can expect is “Peach’s Birthday Cake”. Or in “Space-Land”, Bowser’s currency throw can taste all your achievements. According to Nintendo, all mini-games can be played with a control button, so it’s compatible with both the Nintendo Switch Lite and the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. The “Free Choice” mini-game mode will definitely be one thing: a nostalgic return to a game night with loved ones.

Mario Party Superstars

It’s up to you to decide if you play locally as before or online with your friends. Both methods allow this. This time in “Mario Party Superstars” we have to see if we can expect the characters and the new faces that lie ahead. It will also be exciting to see which Easter Eggs from previous episodes are hidden in the new game. It is only available from the course. Nintendo The two.

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