Magnetic Press reveals a new tabletop and multimedia imprint


Today, Magnetic Press is launching a new brand focused on table games: Magnetic Press Play. The company is also today unveiling its first game, Carbon Gray, a tabletop role-playing game based on the graphic novel series of the same name. In the coming months, Magnetic Press Play will unveil new titles based on popular anime licenses and a series of survey modules for Chaosium’s TTRPG Call of Cthulhu.

Acclaimed publisher of graphic novels and art books, Magnetic Press (a company owned by Polarity) today announced the formation of “Magnetic Press Play”, a new brand focused on tabletop games and transmedia properties. The first project to launch under the company’s banner will be Carbon Gray, an original tabletop role-playing game based on Hoang Nguyen’s popular graphic novel series and originally published by Image Comics. Other ongoing projects include popular license-based games and extras such as Chaosium’s Call Of Cthulhu and several beloved animated series.

“Tabletop gaming is all about creating new stories through gameplay, and it’s the kind of experience I’ve wanted to return to since leaving a 20-year career in video games,” Mike said. Kennedy, founder and publisher of Magnetic Press Play. “We’ve spent a tremendous amount of time and effort building a tableware manufacturing business and rolling out our product line, and it’s exciting to finally draw the curtain on them! “

Magnetic’s first project under the new imprint is also the first to capitalize on their licensing partnership with popular game publisher, West End Games, best known for their D6 System role-playing rule set. This rule set has served as the basis for several best-selling (and beloved to date) licensed tabletop RPGs, including the original Star Wars and Ghostbusters RPGs, and will serve as the basis for Carbon Gray’s gameplay mechanics.

“We are very excited to be working with Magnetic Press Play on their line of D6-based titles,” said Steve Wieck for West End Games and Nocturnal Media. “We are honored that they have chosen the proven West End Game system as the core of Carbon Gray and their other planned titles and we look forward to seeing the results when it hits the tables.”

Magnetic Press Play’s debut title Carbon Gray sets players in a unique alternate story reminiscent of WWI Europe, but with fantastic dieselpunk tech and elements of the paranormal. In the game, players will explore a war-torn universe filled with mystery, prophecy, and intrigue. The source book is written and supervised by game designer and graphic novelist Andrew EC Gaska, winner of an ENnie and UKGE award for his work on the recent Free League RPG Alien and lead author of Nightfall Games’ RPG Terminator.

Other titles from Magnetic Press Play include a series of expansions for Chaosium’s popular RPG Call of Cthulhu that will use Magnetic Press’s experience in the graphic novel market, as well as games based on various anime licenses. and manga.

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