Mad Max-inspired board game Thunder Road rebooted by Restoration Games


Thunder road, the miniature board game inspired by Mad Max, is being restarted. Titled Thunder Road: Vendetta, the game was announced on Wednesday by Restoration Games. The project will start as a crowdfunding campaign in October.

Released in 1986, the original Thunder road was a standalone boxed board game by Milton Bradley. The base game included three cars and a helicopter, a nod to the gyrocopter of Mad Max 2: the road warrior. It tasked players to travel an endless road, with sections of track connecting as the action unfolded on the table. Vendetta will include many different terrains, vehicles and landmarks. The expansions are expected to include new drivers, motorcycles and fire rules.

Rob Daviau of the restaurant business (Risk inheritance) said his team was moving away from the post-apocalyptic setting in favor of a more grindhouse art style.

“We opted for a slightly different vibe,” Daviau said during a private press briefing. The gameplay will also be different, he added. “It’s a little more advanced, but you’ll still be rolling the dice and shooting yourself.”

Once the crowdfunding campaign is over, the goal is to release the final product as quickly as possible. Daviau said sculptures for the final miniatures are already in the works. Restoration added that this is a much more traditional project for his team and will not require the same investment in manufacturing as Return to the Dark Tower, an electronic game with an associated application that raised more than $ 4 million on Kickstarter in 2018. This project is still in production, having missed its original promised date in February 2021.

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