LOTR, American Psycho, The World Series Of Board Games and Zine Quest

As someone who has spent way too much time watching the World Series of Poker in my college bedroom, I have always fantasized about the high stakes in games of chance and skill. But now, as a 30-something, I’d settle for a friendly game of “Terraforming Mars” with people who seem to take it as seriously as I do. That’s why I was excited to learn about the upcoming World Series of Board Gamesan annual Las Vegas tournament for the best and brightest in the board game community.

Established in 2019, the World Series of Board Games – hitherto known as WSBG for word counting – invite participants to participate in a tournament-style game, with one of 16 games being drawn each time. round. These games range from classics like “Carcassone” or “Catan” to more modern games like “Gaia Project” and “Wingspan”. In total, the WSBG will award over $100.00 in cash prizes to finalists, and players can choose from several packages (including a stay-and-play option that will allow you to continue playing for fun even after you have been eliminated).

So even if you’re not drawn to tabletop competitions, the WSBG can offer you a (reasonably) cost-effective way to meet other members of the community and play a few of your favorite games. Be sure to make up your mind quickly, though – registrations are only valid until the end of August and no tickets will be sold at the tournament itself.

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