Lord of the Rings style campaigns and the best tabletop RPGs to perform them

the The Lord of the Rings trilogy and other books by JRR Tolkien have had a massive influence in building the world of western fantasy fiction and fantasy role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons. D&D isn’t the only RPG gamers can use to race The Lord of the Rings-style stories, however; The three tabletop role-playing systems listed below have mechanics perfectly suited to telling stories about humble heroes who set out on great journeys to save the world. That said, almost any fantasy RPG system can be used to tell stories in the spirit of Tolkien’s “Middle-earth” setting if a gamemaster is willing to go the extra mile and create a fantasy world. rich that players and their characters will happily strive to defend.


The “Legendarium” of British author and philologist John Ronald Reuel Tolkien – the collection of myths and poetry titled The Silmarillion, the children’s novel entitled The Hobbit, and the epic fantasy trilogy called The Lord of the Rings – was born from his deep and constant love of languages ​​such as Finnish, Gothic and Old English, as well as ancient myths associated with each dialect. Epic tales such as the Kalevala Where Beowulf ignited Tolkien’s imagination, inspiring him with his own original mythology for the British Isles, a collection of creation stories, songs and heroic sagas that could reconcile the Nordic, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Christian cultures so fundamental to the history of Great Britain. The result was a secondary fantasy world called “Arda” with a central continent called “Middle-earth” filled with a story of its own.

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The release of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings The trilogy broke new ground in the realm of fantasy literature due to the amount of work Tolkien put into world building for his books, including poems in the universe, detailed fantasy maps, creation myths. and even fully functional constructed languages ​​spoken by the cultures of the Elves, Dwarves, and ancient humanity. The heroes of Tolkien’s most famous books were also distinct from the protagonists of other fantastic stories at the time; unlike mischievous heroes or aristocratic champions of medieval epics, the idyllic Shire’s petite Hobbits were rustic, tiny, and inclined to favor peace, kindness, and good food. Conan the Barbarian-style goals of glory, ambition and gold. These two themes – fantastic worlds with a detailed storyline and overlooked heroes – are at the heart of JRR Tolkien’s novels and the following three tabletop RPG systems.

The One Ring 2nd Edition offers authentic RPG LOTR role-playing

One Ring 2nd Edition Preview

Designed by Franceso Nepetillo and currently sold by Free League Publishing, The Unique Ring 2nd edition is an official RPG adaptation of the work of JRR Tolkien, allowing players to create their own heroic characters and stories in the land of Middle-earth. By default, most campaigns in The One Ring take place between the events of The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring, a time when the Dark forces quietly prepare for a new campaign of conquest and seek out their Dark Lord’s ring. Playing the roles of Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves and Men venturing through the ruined Nordic lands of Eriador, the players of The Unique Ring 2nd edition explore places of historical significance given that JRR Tolkien’s published work is relatively loose. This gives them the freedom to create adventure tales that don’t automatically contradict the official canon, using a dice pool system where players can spend Hope Points to improve their chances of success at the cost of being potentially corrupted by the ambition and lure of power. .

Against the Darkmaster offers tactical combat for LOTR fans

Lord Of The Rings-style RPG campaign systems against the Darkmaster

Against the Master of Darkness is a high fantasy role play mix of Lord of the Rings, the wheel of time, Labyrinth, and concept art for heavy metal albums, excellent for launching campaigns about heroic champions seeking to defeat the forces of darkness (according to Against the master of darkness website). The basic character creation system and gameplay of Against the master of darkness is geared towards ‘crisp’ tactical combat; Players roll percentile dice when faced with difficult action and can customize their heroic CPs using a wide variety of magical abilities, skills, cultural / professional backgrounds, and a mix of passion and motivation with both mechanical and role-playing implications. Long-term campaigns of Against the master of darkness are centered on long epic journeys, much like Frodo’s journey in the Lord of the Rings who take the PCs between islands of civilization, wild frontiers and lands cursed by darkness, with detailed rules for the long-range challenges of journeys and how the heroes maintain their resolve to fight evil for the good of the world.

2nd Edition Scholarship Focuses On LOTR Style Archetypes

Lord of the Rings RPG Style Campaigns Systems Fellowship 2nd Edition

2nd edition scholarship, recently funded on Kickstarter, is a narrative-themed tabletop RPG The Lord Of The Rings: The Legend Of Zelda, and other fantastic franchises about humble young heroes embarking on journeys to save the world. The rules of Camaraderie are designed to give each player some control over the narrative of a game session rather than assigning all of the world-building responsibilities to a single Dungeon Master or Game Master. During a game of Camaraderie, each player takes control of a special character playbook with rules, abilities, an attribute that embodies both a single character and the culture / faction they embody (similar to the playbooks of tabletop RPG games “Powered By The Apocalypse”). A player with the Overlord playbook, for example, portrays a tyrant of dark power and the evil forces he commands, while a player with the Elf playbook defines both a single elven character and elven culture. where he is from.

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How to Tell Lord of the Rings Style Stories in Any Fantasy RPG System

Westmarche Red Book

Some tabletop RPGs are better suited for telling epic or high fantasy stories, while other RPG systems are more optimized for smaller scale stories of adventurers with more humble goals than saving the world. (the fantastic Old School Revival RPGs, for example). Either way, a competent Game Master can perform a The Lord of the Rings-Campaign style with almost any decent tabletop RPG system as long as the following principles are kept in mind:

1. Create a detailed and compelling story for the campaign setting. Dream up fascinating creation myths to explain how the world came to be, design long lost civilizations, ancient ages of prosperity and war, and cultural traditions that will make the game world look real and lived.

2. Create an antagonist who embodies a specific and meaningful moral struggle. In the The Lord of the Rings, Sauron and other villainous characters embodied the concept of tyranny and how relentlessly seeking the power to dominate others is self-destructive and unnecessary; original RPG game campaigns like The Lord of the Rings can explore similar “inner struggle” themes such as hope versus despair, acceptance versus tolerance, hate versus love, etc.

3. Violence should only be a small part of how the world is saved. the The Lord of the Rings The trilogy is full of epic battles, magical duels, and dramatic sieges – in the end, however, JRR Tolkien chose the salvation of the world to come from the efforts of two humble Shire Hobbits (and the generic behavior of Gollum cast in The mixture). To this end, a Game Master trying to run a campaign with The Lord of the RingsInspired characters should create scenarios where the fate of the world doesn’t depend on Legend Of Zelda’s battles with a demon lord in their throne room, but on (hopefully benevolent) decisions players and their characters choose to make.

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