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Local man creates community and inclusion with comic book and game shop

Posted at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, September 2, 2022

For Buddy Luke of Buddy’s Comics and Games, community always started with inclusion and acceptance of all things corny.

According to Luke, he started his shop as a way to bridge the gap between having to drive 30 miles to Columbus or Newnan for “nerd stuff” and having a local place in town to fill that need for comics, board and community games.

“LaGrange is like right in the middle where there’s nothing, so I decided to open a store,” Luke said.

Originally from Montgomery, Alabama, Luke grew up around a pool hall called Kitchen’s. As an adult, Luke would use the kitchens as inspiration for his own shop and make Buddy’s a place where everyone can feel like they belong.

“We used to play there all the time, it was a place for people who didn’t play pool or drink,” he said. “I didn’t do either, so it was perfect.”

Initially, Luke said he didn’t want to sell comics because he didn’t know if there would be enough people interested or comics available. Always listening to his customers’ needs, Luke gave in and started selling comic books and other pop culture treasures.

“As of now, we offer newer and current comic book titles and none of the older titles,” he said.

According to Luke, the store also sells Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, and various types of Games Workshop, such as Warhammer, which is a mini board game where players handcraft tiny miniatures, to which certain points are assigned. .

“(Warhammer) is a very artistic thing and most people are terrible, but it’s fun,” he said.

Currently, Buddy’s does not sell electronic games, only Kinetic games. However, he said he might consider selling video games in the future since LaGrange no longer has Gamestop.

Every Friday, Luke hosts board game tournaments called Friday Night Magic, where, depending on the game of the night, players can compete for prizes. Luke said that every week he tries to do something different. Those interested in participating in Friday Night Magic can visit Buddy’s Comics and Games Facebook page for more information.

The idea of ​​a comic book and games may seem very niche, but Luke strives to make it a place open to everyone.

“For some people it wouldn’t be their thing, but for others it might,” Luke said. “I meet people at the grocery store, and they say something to the cashier like they’re alone or something. I’m like, ‘Hey! Look, you can come over to my house and hang out with us. You’ll fit in perfectly.

Luke’s passion for pop culture and community building comes from an authentic place.

“What I do is not for the money,” he said. “Eventually it will be, maybe when I retire.”

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