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Forget the monopoly – a retired Chinchilla truck driver has put his own twist on a new board game in an effort to educate people on the ins and outs of the high pressure industry. Over 20 years after rolling out a mega piece of paper in his living room to sketch out his game concept and overcoming the challenges of the prototype at the GFC, Trefor Jones, 72, finally released Linehauler. Players are tasked with transporting freight and cargo across the Australian game board while breaking the limits of operating costs, mandatory logbook stops and double-line overrun restrictions. OTHER NEWS Since its official launch in September, the game has already attracted buyers from England, Germany, Spain, Canada, India, Argentina and America, as well as locally. Mr Jones said the idea originated at a time when there was a lot of animosity between car and truck drivers. “I worked in the car rental industry for 40 years and been on the road at different stages of my life and just believed it would work because I had played the prototype with different people.” , he said. “There were a lot of disbelievers, people thought I was crazy. It’s actually an educational game too because it depicts everything a trucker sees along the road, even motorists.” The game is available online and in regional stores, including the National Road Transport Hall of Fame in Alice Springs. “The response has been encouraging,” he said. “There are also good educational sectors because for anyone looking to get into the industry, this is a glimpse of what you will encounter while traveling the roads.” Our reporters work hard to provide the news local and up-to-date to the community, here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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