Lilah Roloff Tries To Beat Dad Zach At His Own Game (VIDEO)


Lilah Roloff is a fierce competitor at THIS classic family game. But can the youngest LPBW star beat the master, aka his father Zach, at the game? Stay on this page to watch the adorable Roloff Family Game Night video.

Tori enjoys spending quality time with her children

It’s clear that Tori Roloff was meant to be a mom. She shares two children with her husband Zach – daredevil Jackson, 4, and Lilah, 1. Lilah turns two next month, which is sure to be a big event for the family.

Tori often shares adorable photos and videos of her time with her children. She recently shared a hilarious clip about her Instagram nurture that shed light on Lilah’s sassy personality.

As the family’s main photographer, Tori isn’t often featured in photos of her adorable little ones. However, Zach Roloff shared a rare photo of Lilah and Tori on his Instagram earlier this year.

Tori and Lilah Roloff via Zach Roloff / Instagram

Lilah Roloff dominates the family game night …

Jackson and Lilah’s antics often amuse Tori’s social media followers. A video shows the indestructible bond that Lilah has with her older brother. Jackson also seems to adore his little sister. He proves time and time again what a big brother he is.

Surprisingly, the two youngsters play very well together. Tori shared a video of Lilah and Jackson sprawled out on the mat, playing a classic board game together. Little Miss Lilah Roloff Turns Out “Really Good” at Gaming Hungry, hungry hippos.

Watch the adorable clip of Jackson and Lilah playing the old-fashioned board game together:

Until ‘Master’ Zach kicks in

Lilah Roloff may be good at the game, but is she better than her father, Zach Roloff? Tori shared a second video dubbing Zach as Hungry’s “master”, Hungry Hippos.

Credit: Tori Roloff / Instagram
Credit: Tori Roloff / Instagram

To be fair, Zach has many years of gaming experience compared to Lilah. Does it surprise you that Zach has taken the plunge and played the classic board game with his kids?

What is your favorite game board to play on? Let us know in the comments below.

TLC has yet to announce when LPBW will return for another season. However, another small people shows, 7 small Johnstons returns for Season 10 on Tuesday, November 16. Waiting for, follow Tori on social media for your daily dose of Lilah and Jackson cuteness.

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