Install the Galaxy with ‘Catan: Starfarers’ 25% off Amazon Prime Day


The universe of ‘Catan: Starfarers’ is available at 25% off thanks to Prime Day. Save $ 25 on Amazon as you explore and colonize the galaxy, scavenging for resources as you go, in this futuristic board game set in the Third Millennium.

“Starfarers” is a galactic variation of the classic European-style board game “Catan”, where you not only compete with other players, but you also implement strategies. In that case, you might find it helpful to befriend aliens, create business alliances, or increase the production of resources to help you explore the universe.

This edition of “Starfarers” is significantly revised from the original space game, including new atmospheric artwork, redesigned game components, and some fine-tuned rules. But whether you’re new to the game or have played many iterations of “Catan”, you can probably figure out the rules in just a few minutes.

Catania: Starfarers | $ 99.99 $ 74.25 on Amazon (save $ 25)

Save 25% on “Catan: Starfarers” in this amazing Prime Day deal. The game, a space variant of the classic “Catan” board game, allows at least three to four players to explore and set up the galaxy in a futuristic setting in the middle of the third millennium.
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The basic version of “Starfarers” allows three or four players at a time, while the expansion packs (sold separately) will allow five to six players. Regardless of how many enthusiastic space explorers join you at the table, the game time is approximately 120 minutes.

The creators of the game say that the experience of the “Starfarers” will vary greatly with each session. If you would like to play with your friends or family in different locations, it is also possible to arrange a video conference session, according to the game’s creators. Alternatively, you can consider joining a “Catan” tournament.

Whatever you choose to do, the galaxy is yours to explore. The game is rated for ages 10 and up and is a well-known family classic series that you can add to your game library.

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