How to play Warhammer 40k without spending a lot of money

Regarding table games, Warhammer 40k is the world’s largest miniatures war game. The models are exquisite, the rich science fiction tradition is constantly expanding, and the rules are constantly evolving to keep improving the gameplay. Unsurprisingly, it’s also one of the more expensive table games. The price of the game can leave a potential player feeling a bit overwhelmed. But like most things, a prize shouldn’t stop someone from pursuing a hobby or interest, and there are ways to get into it. Warhammer 40k without spending too much money, too fast.

Games Workshop has grown a lot over the past decade and its Warhammer 40k sales have been a big contributor. As credit to the popularity of the game, even celebrities like Henry Cavill are playing War hammer 40k now. Even without celebrity approval, the game has a large and dedicated fan base. Yet take a standard Space Marines: Tactical Squad box and finding out that it costs $ 49 may come as a shock. It’s before anyone even buys the other boxes that it will take to build the rest of a playable army. It’s also before dice, glue, paints at $ 4.50 apiece, an army-specific codex (which may be invalid in 2 years or less), and a rulebook that costs $ 65. Of course, it can be intimidating to enter Warhammer 40k because of the cost.


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So before anyone can even play a game of War hammer 40k with their own army, codex, and rulebook, they will have potentially spent hundreds of dollars. There aren’t many other games with such a high entry price. People who want to play 40k for less money are not simply charged. There are other ways to collect models and engage in the hobby without paying retail or “going broke.” Here are some tips and tricks for getting into the game of Warhammer 40k without spending too much money.

Find Warhammer 40k deals at discount retailers

Warhammer 40k Figures Games Workshop

The easiest option is to wait until Warhammer 40k models are for sale. A prospective War hammer player or model collector can end up waiting a very long time as Games Workshop is not known for its sales or discounted products. It is rare that anything related to War hammer is always free or heavily discounted. This leads some critics to think Games Workshop is greedy, while others understand that the company needs to maintain its bottom line.

That said, it is possible to find a retailer selling Warhammer 40k products priced below the suggested retail price. Games Workshop allows retailers to sell its products up to 20% off the MSRP. Many stores, and even some online retailers, are taking advantage of this opportunity. In addition to attracting more customers, it helps players manage the price of the game a bit.

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When purchasing a $ 500 War hammer the army, $ 100 off is a pretty big discount. However, a player will need to be selective about which retailer he chooses. Some retailers try to make up the price difference with shipping and handling, while others offer free shipping. Because War hammer often needs bigger boxes to ship, sometimes there is no way around it without spending real money. A player can’t cut the cost much more than that, at least not for a new-in-box Warhammer 40k product.

Used Warhammer 40k models can be found online

Seeing as War hammer miniatures are so expensive in the first place that they tend to retain some resale value. Additionally, gamers generally tend to take good care of minis with such a large investment. This results in the online sale of a large number of models of old models. Often times, these models can be cheaper than anywhere else.

Facebook Marketplace, eBay and Craigslist are some of the places that one can easily find second-hand War hammer minis on sale. Buyers shouldn’t be too worried, even rare or out of production 40k the models did not reach the peaks of Pokémon card sales on eBay. The state of the War hammer online models may vary from NIB (new in box), partially assembled, fully assembled or even broken. It is not uncommon to find already painted models for sale as well, but like the miniatures themselves, the quality of the paint jobs can vary widely. The condition of the model and the quality of the paint job may affect the price of miniatures.

An additional tip to find used War hammer 40k minis is trying to misspell the names of the minis. Sometimes it may just be a seller’s oversight. Other times, it’s someone who doesn’t know the game that sells the minis. Either way, used miniatures end up for sale online under the wrong name. War hammer 40k Orks are spelled with a “k” but they can appear for sale online spelled “orcs“or maybe someone just typed”Warhammer Monster“instead. Other things like weapon names and factions can also be misspelled.

Games Workshop sells boxes for Warhammer 40k Starter Collections

It is not lost on Games Workshop that its Warhammer 40k the products are expensive. GW offers a range of “start to collect” sets that bring together essential items for most armies. These sets make it much easier for casual or competitive 40k players to expand their collections. Boxes often offer players better value for money.

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The beginning of the collection: Thousand Sons The set has a retail price of $ 95 and it comes with Ahriman on disk, a 10-man unit from Rubric Marines, and a 10-man unit from Tzaangors. Sold individually, these items total $ 143. Add to that the advice of buying from a retailer for 20% off and it’s possible to get all of these new models for $ 76. When assembled, it is enough to play a small game.

Sometimes buying more than one Start Collecting box can also be beneficial. This is if a player doesn’t mind spending a little more money. However, after you do the math and compare to the original price, the Ahriman model is essentially “free”. although players don’t necessarily need multiples. Use all the extra parts in the box and convert them to other playable parts War hammer 40k models such as exalted wizards are a decent option.

Using conversions or third-party models in Warhammer 40k

In most boxes of Warhammer 40k models, there are additional parts, called “end caps”. This means that there are often additional heads, arms or weapons. A player must keep these extra bits. Over time, they will have enough pieces to DIY other models. Other players may be willing to swap bits or even donate missing bits that a player needs to complete a kitbashed project.

Many of these types of products represent conversion work. It’s no different from what D&D players do to customize their own minifigures. Conversion work happens when a base model is changed to represent a cooler (or customized) version of the original or maybe something else entirely. Some parts used in the conversion job are not always Games Workshop bits. There are a ton of third-party companies that sell miniatures in the same themes as those in Warhammer 40k armies. Kromlech, for example, sells a very comparable line of Ork miniatures to Games Workshop.

Not everyone who plays Warhammer 40k has a problem with the price. Rich or not, some gamers think the price is fair and the game is worth it. However, a lot of people can be looking for cheaper ways to get into the game and there are ways to get there. In short, there’s nothing wrong with buying models at MSRP, but there’s also nothing wrong with someone buying the same product and keeping as much money as possible in the process. .

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