How to move your World War Z save files from Epic Games Store to Steam


World War Z has finally arrived on Steam in the form of World War Z: Aftermath, an updated version with lots of new content, a first-person mode, a new melee combat system, and a few other perks. As is the tradition with games that begin their lifecycle on the Epic Games Store before finally arriving on Steam, existing World War Z PC players are migrating from one launcher to another in droves. If you are one of those players and want to preserve your progress before diving into World War Z: Aftermath on Steam, you should upload your save files before deleting them from the Epic Games Store client. Here’s how to do it.

First, locate the location of your original backup file. Unless you have manually changed it at some point, World War Z save files should be stored in C: Users * your user profile * AppData Local Saber WWZ client storage slots. Copy it user_progression.dat file in that folder.

Next, navigate to your Steam folder for World War Z: Aftermath, which should be located at C: Program Files (x86) Steam userdata * your Steam ID * 699130 remote, except manual modification. Replace the user_progression.cfg file with the one you recovered from the Epic Games Store folder, changing the file extension to .cfg from .dat. The next time you launch World War Z: Aftermath on Steam, you should be able to continue from where you last played the game on the Epic Games Store, with all of your progress and unlocks intact.

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