Honor Among Thieves feels like a love letter to D&D fans

When I hear Dungeons & Dragons in a word or two of the word film, my reaction is usually something like this:

But Paramount’s new trailer Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves is shocking. . . really awesome, and if we can trust the good D&D energy of the trailer, then I think we finally have a movie worth waiting for.

The Chris Pine-directed adventure film seems to genuinely understand and appreciate what a real Dungeons & Dragons tabletop gaming session is like. It’s fan service, but it’s fan service for real fans and it’s really funny and awesome.

Here, look first then we’ll talk:

So, in broad strokes, it feels like the kind of campaign where the Dungeon Master (or DM) went to great lengths to craft a serious story only for players to turn it into a running gag. All that hard work to “unleash the great evil” turns into a series of ridiculous storylines and lute jokes. Yes, we’ve all been there.

The whole part about “making failed plans turn into new plans” is so meta D&D it’s not even funny. I’m serious is funny. It’s so D&D on point it’s kind of shocking. Are the people making this movie real. . . gasp! . . . D&D fans? I thought film adaptations of tabletop games and video games were supposed to be made by people who hate those things!

I mean, it could still be terrible – I’m jaded enough not to get my hopes up too much – but this trailer is definitely a pleasant surprise. I love that they don’t make it an epic quest to stop the dark lord or, rather, I love that even though that’s what the DM had in mind, the movie is actually about these thieves and thieves who fuck and get cramped spots and have a swashbuckling adventure.

I dig it. More like this, please.

honor among thieves stars Chris Pine alongside Michelle Rodriguez, Regé-Jean Page, Sophia Lillis and Hugh Grant. The directors of the film are Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daly who have previously directed game night starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams – a movie I’ve never heard of but would love to see now.

I missed that Comic-Con panel, unfortunately. I did both the Breakup and dragon prince panels on Thursday and I’m leaving with many more today. Apparently, Hugh Grant is a newcomer to Comic-Con, just like me. Ben Stiller, at Breakup panel, was revealed to be a Comic-Con virgin as well. I feel like I’m in good company.

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