Hitman 3 Epic Games Store Discount removed after 1 hour

The Epic Games Store is dropping half a discount for Hitman 3, only to suddenly drop it out of the blue after just an hour.


Hitman 3 and IO Interactive have come under heavy criticism over the past week. Hitman 3 finally released on Steam exactly 1 year after it launched on the Epic Games Store, while still costing $60.

Some players hoped that Hitman 3 would be discounted in the Steam Lunar New Year sale after being released at full price on the platform a year late. That wasn’t the case for Steam, however, the game was being offered half off at $30 during the Epic Games Store Lunar New Year sale. Oddly enough, this sale only lasted an hour before the discount was completely removed from the store. IO Interactive has yet to comment on the situation, although it appears the decision not to refresh the game on Steam is not up to the company.


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Steam’s pricing policy states that a game can only qualify for a discount 30 days after its initial release or 30 days after its introductory discount ends. The reasoning behind the discount’s short stint on the Epic Games Store is that Steam would have an unwritten rule about companies offering games at lower prices on other stores if a game is available on Steam. If so, then IO Interactive’s hands were tied in the situation as there seems to be little they could do without violating Steam’s policies.


Hitman 3 is also being bombarded review on Steam. Gamers seem unhappy with the game’s exclusivity deal with Epic Games as well as the price at which the title launched on Steam. The deluxe edition of Hitman 3 is currently offered for $90 on Steam, which many gamers have found a little steep given that the game has already been out for a year and has been discounted on the Epic Games Store several times over the past year. Many reviewers state that although they enjoy the game, they rejected it for the above reasons.

IO Interactive has decided to combat this by offering Steam users free upgrades to the version of Hitman 3 they decided to buy. This means that players who purchased the standard edition were upgraded to the deluxe edition at no additional cost. Players who have purchased the deluxe edition or the The Hitman Trilogy were supplied with the Collection of the seven deadly sins DLC at no additional cost as well.

In other news, Xbox gamers recently had issues with launch Hitman 3. The issues all seemed to start with the Year 2 update, as the game seemed to crash regularly on startup when Xbox players started it. Fortunately, IO Interactive has been notified of the issue and is working on a fix.

Hitman 3 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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