Hay Day Spring 2022 Update Introduces Fudge Shop, New Crop, and More

hay daypopular relaxed game by Supercell is going to introduce a new game update soon. Hay Day Spring 2022 Update will add a lot of things to the game including new pets, new scenery, production machine, bug fixes and more. . While the developers haven’t revealed the exact date when the update will be live in-game, they did share some previews of the update.

Hay Day spring 2022 update

There will be tons of new items in this update. Here’s some info on what’s coming soon.

fudge shop

Fudge shop (Image via Supercell)

This machine will be delivered with the latest update. Players can do mint fudge, rich fudge, mint fudge, chilli fudge, peanut fudge, and spicy lemon fondant.


The spring update will also bring new culture. Players will be able to craft four new products with this new harvest. Creamy hummus can be made in the sauce mixer, crunchy falafels and samosas in the air fryer while hearty hummus wraps in the sandwich bar.

white peacock

white peacock
White Peacock (Image via Supercell)

The birdhouse will get this fantastic white peacock. This is probably the most exciting thing that will come. With its elegant look, it will attract a lot of attention.


This cute bird has a huge yellow-orange beak. Not just this. Baby cheetahs and baby arctic foxes will also be the latest additions to the sanctuary. Players will love them because they have the prettiest and cutest look.

New decorations

The sanctuary must be beautiful if players want to keep their pets happy. Thus, the game brings new decorations to accompany the new cubs. New plants and flowers will be added in the update. They can be obtained from mystery packages in the mailbox and the spinning wheel truck. Additionally, new scenery can be collected from derby rewards.

New decorations
New decorations (Image via Supercell)

So, these are the items that come with the spring update. Along with new items and pets, the game will receive lots of bug fixes so that players can enjoy a smooth experience while playing.

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