Grand Theft Auto 5 gave Epic Games Store a huge boost


Court documents reveal that the Epic Games Store’s giveaway of Grand Theft Auto 5 in 2020 has drawn a substantial number of new users to the site.

Grand Theft Auto gave epic game store a boost

Although much of the controversy surrounding the launch of the Epic game store in 2018 has since died out, many players still resent the company’s aggressive approach to developing the storefront. Some people believe that the exclusivity deals signed by Epic take away the autonomy of players by forcing them to buy from the Epic Games Store if they want to enjoy certain titles on PC. However, that hasn’t stopped some of those same people from stopping by the site every week to pick up the free games that Epic offers.

Giving away weekly free titles has been another Epic strategy for attracting new customers. Those who have visited the site regularly since the program launched could potentially have received thousands of dollars in free games from the Epic Games Store. And despite paying developers millions of dollars for the games, the strategy seems to be paying off. Epic originally planned for the program to only run until the end of 2019, but decided to extend it until 2021.

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The Epic Games Store has offered a number of very popular games over the years, including Grand Theft Auto 5, which was the free title offered in May 2020. According to information that came out during the Epic vs. Apple try, this unique giveaway attracted over 7 million new users to the storefront. Some may recall that when the offer went live, so many people flocked to the Epic Games Store that the site went down for over eight hours and by fortnite connection servers crashed.

epic v apple trial court new user graphic document

Court documents have also revealed other game titles whose giveaways on the Epic Games Store have attracted a substantial number of new users. Subnautic, the 2018 Underwater Survival Game from Unknown Worlds Entertainment, generated just under a million new accounts on the site. And Civilization 6, which was offered just after Grand Theft Auto 5, attracted nearly 2.5 million new users.

These numbers come from an internal Epic table that was provided to the court for trial. One notable thing is the little dot on the chart for Gearbox Software Borders 3, which was released exclusively for PC on the Epic game store. Court documents in May revealed that Epic paid $ 115 million for the six months Borders 3 exclusivity deal, and yet the graph shows the game attracted less than 250,000 new users when it launched in September 2019. Many gamers were unhappy with the exclusivity deal, review the bombing of previous Gearbox titles on Steam and promise to boycott the game when it is released.

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