Gran Turismo’s Kazunori Yamauchi on the Series’ 25th Anniversary, GT 7’s New Features

“Having been able to work with the same team for 30 years is something I really appreciate,” says Kazunori Yamauchi

Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi took the time to chat with some members of the Asian gaming media on Monday February 7th about the upcoming Gran Turismo 7which arrives March 4, 2022 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Gran Turismo 7 is actually a milestone title for the series, as the game is also a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Sony’s flagship racing franchise. The original Gran Turismo was a very important game for the start of the 3D era of console gaming, as it pushed the boundaries of video game realism in 1997. At the time, what the game offered in terms of graphics and level of car customization was unprecedented for video games. .

We asked Kazunori how he felt when he looked back on the series’ 25-year history.

Kazunori credited her team and fans for the show going as far as she made it. “One thing is that the development of Gran Turismo actually started in 1992, five years before the game was released. In this regard, we have been working for about 30 years with the same team. Being able to work with the same team for 30 years is something that I really appreciate. I really doubt there are any other games like this where you have that kind of team. The other thing that I also really appreciate is the support of the users of this series over the past 25 years, because without them it wouldn’t have been possible to create for so long,” said Kazunori.

Something that has always been a staple of Gran Turismo games is license testing which also trains a player to drive.

He also described Gran Turismo as being an experimental title, and it’s this spirit of innovation that has kept it working for three decades. “And finally, when Gran Turismo came out in 1997, it was a very experimental title. And being experimental and innovative is very important even now. And we’re still able to do things like Music Replay by continuing that innovation, and that’s really is what’s satisfying to see,” Kazunori said.

As for the innovations, he discussed some of the exciting new features and modes to come. Gran Turismo 7. One of them is ‘Music Rally’, which was marketed as a sort of more casual way to play the game where the player drives to music and has to get to a marker to get more driving time, as opposed to to a more traditional racing competition.

Highlights of the state of play of

Kazunori explained that the mode will really allow players to enjoy the music and get familiar with the tracks. He said that while the mode is similar to a time limit mode where players must also reach a certain marker for extra time, Music Rally is designed to be less difficult.

The game is also billed as a celebration of car culture, and one of the modes called “Music Replay” will allow players to record their gameplay and pair it with music to create special after-market videos. match. Kazunori promised a wide selection of music for the game. These features focus less on the competitive angle of the game and focus more on the digital presentation of the beauty of the cars and experiences where players can really feel how a car behaves and conducts itself rather than just being in a competitive race.

Another mode focused on car culture is “GT Cafe”, where you visit various cafes – with an example below – around the world and learn about the cars and their specific stories from the people who hang out there.

Those more focused on racing will also find more to sink their teeth into, as Kazunori promised the game has more complex systems that players can gradually learn, with in-game help and guidance, as well than the usual customization options as shown below.

He also promised that the AI ​​will be quite competent and have the same level as an experienced player in real life. It won’t always be easy to win when you and the AI, for example, are driving the same car, unless you’ve taken the time to learn about its systems.

Beauty is a given for any Gran Turismo game. What Gran Turismo 7 brings fun casual modes that make it more accessible to new fans while adding depth of customization and nuance to the ride system for the more experienced player. –

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