Gamers of all ages play table games at Dice Drop Games

There is actually a growing community of people in Central Georgia who adore and play table games often.

MACON, Georgia – Many of us played board games when we were young, but there is a whole community of people who love them as adults.

There is actually a growing community of people in Central Georgia who adore and play table games often.

“My boy, there are a lot of people playing board games here. He grew up. I’ve been here for two years now and the community has really grown, ”said Pat Casey, owner of Dice Drop Games.

A table is as the name suggests – it’s any game you can play at a table. This often includes board games, role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, and card games like Magic: The Gathering.

Casey’s specialty is board games. It sells what the community calls “store games”.

At Dice Drop Games you might not find classic games like Monopoly or Life, but you will find some exciting new games that the average gamer might not have heard of.

There are different types of table games out there, and the key is knowing what you prefer to play.

There are strategy games, games where you face other players, games where the goal is to collect land or money, or role-playing games where you can play a multitude of different creatures and characters. .

Casey has been a board game enthusiast since 2014 and has operated the Dice Drop Games storefront for two years.

“My wife and I were living in Baltimore at the time, and we walked into a little game store and I got hooked immediately and kept going back, and every week I was buying a new game.” , did he declare. .

He has a personal collection of at least 1,500 games and allows visitors to Dice Drop Games to play from his collection for free.

“It’s just a good way to bring people together in a room, and we need social experiences these days,” Casey said.

Visitors can also come to their free game nights on Fridays and Saturdays to learn how to play new games and meet other players.

Casey says people often come to play with their friends on the weekends.

He says that on open game nights he will try to involve people in what are called “catwalk games”, which are games that are relatively easy to teach and learn, so that people feel comfortable. comfortable with table games.

As players gain more experience, they may want to try out games where the rules are more complicated or the game takes longer to complete.

Casey says that getting into board games or any other kind of table game is all about knowing what you like.

“Some people like games that have a lot of confrontation, hit and roll, something like that. Other people really don’t care about these kinds of games, so it’s all about playing different things to find out what you like, ”he said.

Casey says he wants people to know that there is a wide variety of fun games to play that might not be the ones they grew up with.

“I wish people understood that there is only this whole world of games that can be explored and that you can do it here for free,” he said.

To try out different games, you can visit Dice Drop Gaming at 3121 Vineville Ave. You can also consult their website and Facebook.

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