Gamecock Club announces new strategic initiatives


The Gamecock Club today announced a series of strategic changes aimed at improving customer service for donors and better positioning themselves for future fundraising needs. Informed both by the Reinvest for Success program offered to donors to choose their level of support during the 2020-21 pandemic-ridden school year and by the redevelopment efforts made necessary by the improvements to the Williams-Brice stadium before the season 2020, the restructuring is expected to leave the department better positioned to further improve the fan experience in the years to come.

The main changes include:

  • Develop a donor retention team and support an outgoing sales team.
  • Creation of a unit dedicated to annual philanthropic donations.
  • Launch of new rental opportunities and event programming for the Williams-Brice stadium.
  • Focused on business intelligence and data warehousing.
  • Implementation of a new suite of communication tools for automation and messaging.

“I think our changes reflect the modern functions necessary for a successful annual fund and the services our fans need and should expect,” said Steve eigenbrot, CEO of the Gamecock Club and Executive Assistant Director of Sports. “The overall vision is to build deeper and more substantial relationships with our members who in turn provide incredible support to our programs.”

Retention and sales

Between the issues fans may have had in attending live sporting events during the pandemic or the national attendance trends for sporting events, the success and future viability of Gamecock Athletics continues to be closely tied to our ability to retain existing members of the Gamecock Club. While the introduction of the ‘Welcome Home Award’ for the 2021 season speaks volumes about the department’s commitment to bringing fans back to the stands, the addition of a loyalty team will aim to launch strategic initiatives. which directly concern the loyalty of donors.

The ability to grow the ranks of the Gamecock Club has long been strongly tied to the sale of new season tickets. Gamecock Athletics strengthened its commitment to acquiring season ticket holders in 2014 through a very productive relationship with Learfield / IMG College Ticket Solutions which provided an outgoing sales team. Bringing sales efforts “in-house” should represent significant savings and synergies with other fundraising and data management efforts.

New opportunities at Williams-Brice

Gamecock Athletics has also strengthened its relationship with its local business partner, Southern Way, to bring online an exciting new range of exclusive dining and entertainment experiences, as well as rental and use opportunities outside of stadium matches. Williams-Brice. Gamecock Club members will benefit from discounted rental opportunities, including new club spaces open for the 2020 season. In addition, the partnership is expected to result in a variety of unique events on the site, generating variety. new ways to experience Williams-Brice Stadium from an unrivaled perspective. For rental inquiries, fans are requested to contact Erica Bujak Vogel at 803-760-9190 or [email protected]

Philanthropy at the Gamecock Club

While overseas sales of season tickets have been a critical part of the Gamecock Club’s efforts to find new members, the department is committed to attracting new donors interested in supporting our student-athletes, but not necessarily in buy season tickets. Whether through a scholarship initiative, an investment project or an annual donation, the department will retain Learfield / IMG College and the services of Ross grippin and Ben McDougald for placing a higher priority on finding news fans to engage in these opportunities.

Business intelligence and data warehouse

Gamecock Athletics has been at the forefront of investing in business intelligence since the start of partnerships with SSB and Salesforce in 2017. With the integration of Dan Stahl As an AD Associate – Revenue Generation, the department will build on these previous investments, advancing them through the creation of the first full-time position focused on business intelligence. This increased focus and attention to business intelligence will enable the Gamecock Club to achieve greater efficiency gains in their efforts to acquire and retain members. In addition to the above, the department has made significant efforts to improve its data warehousing and analysis capabilities, including integration with campus development on a centralized data warehouse.

Strategic thinking

“There’s no way we could have done this if the pandemic hadn’t happened. Our staff here in Carolina have been amazing and viewed the downturn in the sport as an opportunity to improve.” said Eigenbrot. “The integration of data with the campus is certainly a source of pride as very few universities have been able to execute it, but really everything we do here is aimed at preparing us better for the future.”

During the pandemic, the Gamecock Club managed to turn over $ 1 million in ticketing funds into donations to support the sports department for COVID relief and to retain 89% of the support for the Gamecock Club in 2020-2021 despite that all club members are eligible for a full refund. .

“Pandemic was an amazing reminder of our fans’ commitment to supporting our student-athletes. We put a refund on the table and very few people accepted it – that says a lot about what our Gamecock members do. Club think of these young men and women, “added the sports director Ray tanner.

Finally, the changes explained here leave the department in a better position for an upcoming fundraising campaign and a series of further improvements to Gamecock Athletics’ facilities focused on improving fan gear. “Ultimately we’re in a time when fans expect more from membership and we want to be able to meet that expectation, whether it’s game day or a phone call to the office,” Eigenbrot noted. . “Our stadium project is a great foundation and a good start, but we need to keep improving and pushing the boundaries to find a way to improve the fan experience. We can’t afford not to do that. , and they deserve it. “

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