Game design and esports programs offer new options for students



Game design and esports programs offer new options for students


JONESBORO – Students seeking certificates or degree programs in the growing fields of esports and game design may take advantage of new opportunities at Arkansas State University.

The two fields work hand in hand for students who wish to work in the emerging fields of esports and games.

The state of Arkansas offers two undergraduate degree courses in game design. The first is a 100% online Bachelor of Science in Digital Technology and Design with a specialization in Game Design. Within the Art + Design department, the university also offers a focus on game design in its Bachelor of Fine Arts studio program. Both programs bring together the photographic and graphic elements of creating a play space with the theories of play design.

“We are open to a wide range of students and their goals, but we have a strong focus on how design, both graphically and thematically, leads to the creation of compelling games,” said Cameron Buckley, professor. graphic design assistant. “Traditional art classes can all have a play point of view.”

As a specialty area within the Art + Design department, students learn how to create worlds for mobile and cloud-based games.

“The game portion of the design work encompasses the full spectrum of games, from designing board games to developing the three-dimensional world,” Buckley said. “These are console mobile application games.”

Home to one of the largest and most successful club esports teams, A-State students can also study how to manage and promote esports with the new certificate program.

The esport certificate is part of A-State’s Sports Management Program and focuses on the growing opportunities to apply traditional sports management techniques and skills to the esport competition space.

“The seven-course program is designed to teach the management side of esports,” said Dr. Hoyeol Yu, assistant professor of sports management. “For a student who wants to work in the esports industry. There are more and more job opportunities in the field, and more and more “traditional” sports franchises are adding esports to their portfolios. The certificate will help prepare students for industry.

The certificate also covers the production of live esport for the broadcast of streaming videos and shares resources with the esports club and the School of Media and Journalism, which also produces live contraction streams for the club. sport.

To learn more about each program, visit to locate descriptions of game design and esports programs.


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