Gamasutra – Press releases – Terraformers, Defend the Rook, Diluvian Winds and Oaken will be presented at EGX


Goblinz Publishing has announced that four of its titles, produced in partnership with independent game studios, will be shown at EGX 2021.

Terraformers: explore and build on other planets!

Terraformers, created by Swiss independent game studio Asteroid Lab, is a future settlement building and resource management game.

  • Explore the Red Planet – Send your bosses to mysterious places and be the first to discover rich deposits of resources, giant crystal caves and stunning natural wonders.

  • Build spectacular cities on craters – make them thrive for your growing population

  • Terraform with ambitious plans – restart a volcano, build giant space mirrors or smash icy asteroids to geo-design the entire planet

For more information on Terraformers, see his To smoke page or Twitter. You can also join the conversation on Discord!

Defend the Tower: Save the world in this tactical fighting board game.

The upcoming Defend the Rook tactical board game, created by independent Australian studio One Up Plus, combines elements of combat and tower defense to create the ultimate tactical adventure. Defeat the invading hordes using the best possible tactics, stay alive and save the world!

For more information on Defend the Rook, check out his To smoke page.

Heavy Winds: Can You Survive in a Flooded World?

Diluvian Winds, an upcoming 2D management / adventure game, created by Alambik Studio, puts the player in the role of the Guardian. The Guardian refuses to leave his lighthouse and must adapt to the rising waters that flood the world around him. How is he going to save everyone?

  • Grow Your Community – Each refugee housed will make changes of varying magnitude around the lighthouse, making it more resistant to the gradual rise in water levels.

  • Enter a poetic universe mixing Sail Punk architecture,

  • Which path of survival will you take? Are you going to float, fly or dive?

Learn more about Diluvian Winds: Wood Punk city builder on To smoke, or follow the studio Twitter.

Oaken: Become a hero and restore Oak’s song!

A turn-based tactical deck management game, Oaken, created by Laki Studios, allows players to explore the kingdom of Great Oak to restore Oak’s song. With a hero-focused campaign, players must explore a mystical, randomly generated world populated by spirits, bosses, and events, to restore balance in a unique world.

With highly tactical combat on a hexagonal grid, players must think about everything in the game – right down to the position and even rotation of the 3D figures!

  • Gather allies and enchantments,

  • Easy to learn, hard to master – relaxation and challenge modes suitable for any player.

  • Upgrade spells and spirits!

For more information, please visit Oaken’s To smoke page. For all updates, follow the game on Twitter!

Oaken: Become a hero and restore Oak’s song!

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Asteroid Lab is an independent game studio based in Switzerland. It strives to create strategic yet accessible games that provide the player with information on real world topics.


One Up Plus is an independent games studio based in Sydney, Australia. Operating since 2012 as a husband and wife team, it has now grown into a larger studio with the collaboration of many different talents.


Alambik Studio is an independent game studio based in France. The 5 young members of the team develop games on environmental and social themes. Their first game, Diluvian Winds, has been in development since January.


Laki Studios’ goal is to produce artistic and creative indie games with feel, fun and challenge comparable to their favorite board games. Their developers have a diverse background gained from producing and designing many mobile and indie games, as well as some larger AA and AAA titles.

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