Funko Pop Video Game Update, CEO Snoop Dogg Store Details

Funko is hard at work on its first-ever console game, which the fan collectibles company’s CEO says will feature the “mix” of characters from several popular IPs transformed into the iconic Pop ! format.

“You will know them. And we’re excited because we think the interaction between those IPs will speak to who Funko is by mixing the IPs in-game,” said Andrew Pearlmutter. Variety during Funko’s Investor Day press preview on Tuesday. “And these aren’t young IPs, so that’s the fun part. That’s all I can say.”

For reference, Funko has a long history of working with “not young” brands like Marvel, DC, Disney, Star Wars, and Harry Potter – to name a few.

Pearlmutter still can’t call the AAA, action-platformer by name, as the title has yet to be announced. What we do know is that Funko is collaborating with 10:10 Games, the company backed by “Lego” video game developer Jon Burton, on the console project, which is targeting a 2023 launch.

“We’re excited to be working with these guys and feel this is our first opportunity to really create content with our IP, which is exciting,” added Pearlmutter.

In other Funko collaboration news, the team revealed on Tuesday that they are teaming up with Snoop Dogg to open a “co-branded retail experience” in January across from SoFi Stadium called Tha Dogg House, who “will feature a variety of in-store exclusives from Funko’s Pop! and GOLD, and an assortment of products across sports, music, anime, movies, TV, and more.

“Sports, music, concerts, events – there are so many different opportunities to take advantage of this location,” Pearlmutter said. “And we think the focus on sports and music will really help us grow this brand and bring more attention to who we are in those categories that we think we’re under-penetrated in.”

The plan is for Tha Dogg House to also pay “homage to Snoop’s career and unforgettable moments in pop culture”, as the collaboration with the rapper came about due to the size of a Funko fan – once they were finally able to get his attention.

“We were talking about expanding our sports and music business and so we said we need to connect with Snoop and find out if he knows us and would be interested in partnering up because we think there’s a ton of opportunities,” Pearlmutter said. “We were actually working on an article by Snoop Dogg, and it was hard to reach him. He wouldn’t give his approval. And we were like, forget it, let’s talk to this guy. And when we did, he said, “Oh, I love your product!” It was this situation where he is lost in the middle. So we started thinking about what more we could do together.

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