‘Fortnite’ X ‘Dead By Daylight’ Crossover Is Coming, According To Leaker

Credits: Behavior Interactive / Epic Games

A Fortnite and Dead in broad daylight crossover could happen, according to a rumor shared by a verified Fortnite leaked on Twitter. To forget Super Smash Bros. and Avengers: Infinity Warthis might be the biggest crossover event in pop culture history.

Twitter user @ShiinaBR leaks upcoming skins, events, and tweaks to the in-game store for Epic Games’ hugely popular combat arena shooter. They said on Sunday that an anonymous source told them that Epic Games was working on a collaboration with Canadian Dead in broad daylight Interactive Behavior studio.

Supposedly leaked footage appeared to show a llama charm keychain was coming Dead in broad daylightwhile a skin of Death by Day light the character that Meg Thomas was heading towards Fortnite.

They then claimed in a follow-up tweet they heard information suggesting the crossover was real. But neither Epic Games nor Dead in broad daylight studio Behavior Interactive commented on the rumor at the time this article was published.

The lessor further asserted stranger things cosmetic micro-transactions are said to be back in stores for both games to celebrate the release of the second half of stranger things season four on July 1.

Fortnite and Dead in broad daylight are arguably the two biggest games as a service right now, largely because of the wild collaborations they’ve managed to land. Dead in broad daylight fans have been stalked by a number of famous monsters from horror franchises, including Ghostface from Scream and Nemesis of Resident Evil 2. Epic Games collaborated featuring just about every pop culture icon under the sun, including naruto and Star Wars as well as IRL celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa.

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