Fortnite x Among Us Bling, Dance Emote Now Available On The Epic Games Store – How To Get It

Fortnite x Among Us brings back a bling and dance emote based on the hit game Innersloth to Epic Games’ giant battle royale title.

Fans of the sensational social deduction game, Among Us, and Fortnite have long been excited about this coming day since the collaboration was first teased by Epic Games in 2021.

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This illustrative image shows a person logging into Fortnite from Epic Games on their smartphone in Los Angeles on August 14, 2020. – Apple and Google on August 13, 2020 removed video game sensation Fortnite from their mobile app stores after its maker Epic Games released an update that avoids revenue sharing with tech giants.

Fortnite x Among Us Bling, dance emote

The new Fortnite x Among Us collaboration cosmetics and emotes are now available on the Epic Games Store. Here’s what to expect:

According to a report by game point, the new collaboration between the two hit game titles brings Among Us teammates to the Battle Royale game.

It allows Fortnite players to use the cute teammates as their back while joining their intense battle royale match.

The Among Us Back Bling is customizable in different colors and styles, similar to how players in the social deduction game do when entering a room.

The teammate on the Epic Games title could go in a bunch of color choices, like white, yellow, orange, pink, green, red, purple, and brown, depending on player preference.

Along with multiple customization options, the collaboration also brings a new dance emote, according to a recent report from DBLTAP.

But Innersloth decided to introduce another game under its sleeves, Henry Stickman, with its new Distraction Dance emote.

The new dance emote allows Fortnite players to “dance their way out of any situation,” Innersloth says.

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Fortnite x Among Us Back Bling, Dance Emote: How to Get

The Among Us and Fortnite collaboration brings the Crewmate Back Bling and Distraction Dance Emote to millions of players in the highly sought after battle royale.

Epic Games Store

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Both new offerings are now available for purchase on the Epic Games Store. But the online storefront offers them for free, at least for some users.

GameSpot points out in its report that the Crewmate Back Bling and Distraction Dance Emote are free for those who have previously purchased Among Us from the Epic Games Store.

Thus, Among Us players have a chance to unlock the new Fortnite cosmetics and emotes without spending any money. Instead, all they have to do is log into the Battle Royale game to get both exciting offers for free.

The Among Us Pack is available on Epic Games’ online storefront from June 9, allowing Fortnite players to bring their favorite teammates along on their adventures.

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