Final Fantasy 7 Remake saw a “fair response” on the Epic Games Store

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake happened to do well when it released as an Epic Games Store exclusive this past holiday season. However, publisher Square Enix is ​​not ready to share sales figures with the public at this time.

During an earnings call for its third quarter this weekend, President and Representative Director Yosuke Matsuda was asked the reason for the Epic Games Store exclusivity and whether the move paid off.

Matsuda tiptoed back with a general response that Square Enix was happy with the response the Final Fantasy 7 Remake received on the Epic Games Store and that the exclusivity decision was based on benchmarking.

“We saw a fair response,” Matsuda said. “I can’t go into the specific reasons why we chose the Epic Games Store, but our decision is the result of our benchmarking of a variety of different factors.”

Square Enix and Epic Games worked together to optimize Unreal Engine 4 for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The addition of an exclusivity clause for the Epic Games Store could therefore be added due to the already existing collaboration.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake hit the Epic Games Store on December 16, 2021, nearly two years after it was released on PlayStation 4. Exclusivity will be timed and the game will definitely release on Steam somewhere down the road.

The Epic Games Store version has already been data-mined to reveal hidden Steamworks folders and files within the game files. As for when a Steam release can be expected, the exclusive status of games on the Epic Games Store normally lasts between six months and a whole year. By that count, Final Fantasy 7 Remake could be released by the summers or by fall 2022 at the latest.

Square Enix will still have to work on many improvements for the PC port, however. The Epic Games Store version received a lot of criticism for the lack of basic options such as anti-aliasing and V-sync settings. The game is also said to suffer from frame rate stutters in specific areas that the developer is currently addressing. .

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