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JEFF SHOMO/For the Gazette Little League players honor America during pre-game ceremonies before their recent game with Bellefonte at Montressor Fields at State College. Montressor’s new dashboard is shown in the background of the photo. Several renovations were made to Little League fields in the State College area in an effort to create more equality between softball and baseball.


STATE COLLEGE — It’s no surprise that State College’s little league softball and baseball teams are once again fiercely competitive in the 2022 District 5 tournaments.

The programs have been strong for years and they are once again vying for district honors at all levels in both sports.

There was one area, however, that LL manager Brian Zorger and the other program directors became aware of as they looked to the new year, and that was the state of Little League facilities for baseball and softball. .

After long years of use, it became clear that the fields and facilities were in dire need of improvements as teams looked to 2022 and beyond.

So Zorger, the other administrators, a long list of volunteers, interested and generous companies and a few committed people got to work on a plan to upgrade and bring the facilities up to date.

“The original idea was to create an experience for these kids and get them excited to play,” Zorger said. “We also want to try to get more community involvement. We started to realize that other communities were investing in their little leagues and we needed to do the same to make sure our players had the best experiences possible.

“And one of the other big things we wanted to make sure we were doing was balancing the equality between women’s softball and baseball,” Zorger continued. “So we decided, as a board of directors, to move softball to Sichler Fields with top-notch facilities. Same scenario, to give softball players the best possible experiences and get more kids excited about the game. . »

The list of enhancements to Montressor Fields is long, but the main ones include a new dashboard (courtesy Sheetz Corp.); a new warning track; improved enclosures and canoes; new foul poles; new paint in the press box, concession stands and exteriors (courtesy of Sherwin Williams); and extensive turf and infield work.

For softball facilities, there were new turf batting cages at Ferguson and API Field, the start of a new batting cage at Sichler, restrooms at Sichler, new flag poles, new bullpen at API Field and a new API warning track.

Commercial sponsors included Walker Equipment, Kissell Equipment, Burks Homes, Logan House Trucking, Natures Cover, TP Coal, Horizon Landscaping, Miller Welding, Ameron Construction, A+Collegiate Workforce and United Rentals. There were also cash donations from Dick’s Sporting Goods and Anthony and Rebecca Blasi.

There is also a long list of volunteers and helpers working behind the scenes.

The whole point of it all, of course, was in the hopes that whatever was done would contribute to a better experience for Little League players, fans and parents.

Or, as Zorger put it, “More fun, more baseball, more softball, more community involvement, more great values ​​taught, and lots of smiles around the Little League platform.

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