Failed ‘Fast And Furious’ game pulled from stores

the Fast and Furious the show sure is fast and furious (or so people say whose brains survived seeing all of this), but there’s something even faster and furrier, and that’s is how Bandai Namco kills Fast and furious crossroads, the official F&F video game. The Japanese publisher has just announced that it will be pulling the game from all storefronts on April 29, just two years after the game’s release. It’s weird and even sad (yes, we said it) for many many reasons. First of all, games aren’t usually pulled from stores unless they’re so buggy that they’re mostly unplayable, and even then that’s not the fate of all broken games . The game isn’t good, of course, but after just watching it, we can’t blame it for ever trying to make us believe it was.

bandai namco

Does this model look bad or are we supposed to play the Vin Diesel lookalike?

Video game ties are meant to be a quick money grab, and crossroads isn’t terrible by bonding standards, so it doesn’t really deserve to be atomized from orbit for that alone, not to mention there’s no way the game’s keeping costs in stores be higher than the earnings of a video game adaptation of the biggest non-Marvel property in the world. It’s a massive hit for Vin Diesel, not because of what we assume is his giant ego, but because this man used to smack the slap in the face when it came to video games. Yeah, besides being a gamer, let’s not forget how he founded Tigon Studios, a real video game company specializing in video game links that didn’t suck. From this company we got the Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, a bond that’s not only incomparably superior to the film whose shadow it was supposed to inhabit, it was also a contender for Game of the Year.

Excellent shooting mechanics, great stealth, hell even though it was later remastered, the look of the 2004 game remains strong to this day.

The stunning visuals of Butcher Bay


Laugh all you want, you know it’s true.

And even Vin Diesel himself looked great

Butcher Bay's Stunning Model Riddick


Or at least better than it does in crossroads

Top Image: Bandai Namco

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