Epic Games Store’s upcoming free games for April 2022 show that new isn’t always better

There is an unspoken rule among many subscription services that newer is better. After all, Xbox Game Pass includes day one games, and that’s a BIG boost to the service’s popularity. This shouldn’t always be the case, however. As the April 7 selection of free games on the Epic Games Store shows, it’s not about how old the game is, it’s about how they’ve aged.

Epic Games Store users can claim city ​​of brass and Total War: Warhammer by April 7. They will then be replaced by The Legacy of Thieves and The disappearance of Ethan Carterwhich will be available from April 7 to 14. The Legacy of Thieves released in 2013, and The disappearance of Ethan Carter released in 2014. Although these games are around 9 and 8 years old respectively, they are great additions to the service that everyone should pick up.


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Obviously, that’s not to say that older games never show up on services like PS Plus, Games with Gold, Epic Games Store, etc., but that there’s been a disproportionate reaction, generally speaking, when it comes to an older title versus something new. . Undoubtedly, Epic Games Store had added a game like The wonders of Tiny Tina as a crude example, fans would be in an uproar. It’s relatively quiet for both games, but it shouldn’t be.

Epic Games Store Free Games – Rogue Legacy

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The Legacy of Thieves received killer reviews at launch, currently averaging 84 top reviews and with 95% of critics recommending it on OpenCritic. The Legacy of Thieves is a platform roguelike, which was already popular before big roguelike games like Hades, Return, Deathloop, And so on. In it, players must randomly explore procedural dungeons, defeating four bosses and a final boss in said dungeon. So it also becomes more of a boss grind.

Players have access to melee attacks, magic, and more, but when their player dies, they must choose between heirs that have unique traits and abilities to continue. Players can also unlock and upgrade a mansion, with a variety of services as well. In effect, The Legacy of Thieves made a name for itself at launch, and it’s a great addition to the Epic Games Store’s list of 2022 games.

For those who download and enjoy it, it is worth mentioning that Rogue Legacy 2 is in early access.

Epic Games Store Free Games – The Disappearance of Ethan Carter

best ps4 and xbox one horror games

The disappearance of Ethan Carter falls a little lower on OpenCritic, sitting at an average of 80 top critics, but the horror adventure game itself has built its own following in the horror gaming community. In effect, The disappearance of Ethan Carter was praised for its open world (which usually doesn’t work too well in horror games), story, puzzles, and more. It mainly allows players to experience most of the game mechanics on their own.

It’s kind of a murder mystery, as players must figure out what happened to the Carter family – recreate their deaths with in-game abilities, recreate the timeline of events, restore the scene, and more.

Overall, it looks like Epic Games Store users are eating well from April 7 to April 14. Sometimes games offered on subscription services don’t always hit the mark, but fans should definitely make sure to check them out. They are oldies, but they are goldies.

Epic Games Store users receive a handful of free games each month.

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