Epic Games Store Free Games For July 7 Both Embrace The Collapse Of Society

July is here, which means fans can expect a litany of new free titles across a number of services like PS Plus Premium, Xbox Game Pass and Epic Games Store. The latter has already revealed two free games that users can access on July 7, following its typical release and reveal pattern every Thursday.

Epic Games Store users can claim three games right now, namely Geneforge 1: Mutagen, Hood: Outlaws and Legendsand Iratus: Lord of the Deadand they will be replaced by old enemy and Kill Floor 2 Thursday. Once released, players will have until the following Thursday at 10:00 a.m. CT to claim them, when the Epic Games Store free games for July 14 will also be revealed. For those curious about old enemy and Kill Floor 2however, here’s what they need to know.


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Epic Games Store July 7 Free Game – Ancient Enemy

old enemy completely embraces its niche, and for card game fans, it’s probably an indie gem. It is a role-playing and strategy game, where its tactics could be described as a type of Lonely fighter. Each duel takes place in a world where evil has already won, with the player drawing power from the life, soul, and landscapes of Earth to fight against evil, deformed monsters with a variety of spells and abilities. capacities. The story has been described as folkloric and epitomizes a hero’s tale, where they must fight to the evil citadel and defeat their evil enemy.

fans of darkest dungeon and kill the arrow can find something here that they particularly appreciate, because old enemyDevelopers cite them as inspiration. They can also challenge themselves in the same vein, pushing it all the way through nightmarish difficulty.

Epic Games Store Free Game for July 7 – Killing Floor 2

Kill Floor 2 and old enemy don’t have much in common in terms of gameplay, but they do in terms of theme. old enemy takes place after the collapse of society in a destroyed world; Killing Floor 2 is racing to get there. The latter’s destruction follows a failed experiment outbreak, where specimen clones are everywhere and the peoples of Europe are forced to survive. However, players put themselves in the shoes of those trying to fight back, like Kill Floor 2 players will encounter clone outbreaks as part of its main gameplay loop.

Kill Floor 2 is an action shooter with tons of gore thanks to a proper blood system (limb by limb is the term that comes to mind), up to 6 player co-op, 12 player PvP mode, fantastic and unique enemies and weapons, and more. Melee is just as brutal as the previous one, and players can max out their characters with a massive perk system.

All in all, for anyone looking for something bloody and violent, Kill Floor 2 offers that in spades. For those who love post-apocalyptic or doomsday scenarios, then it should be a good week on the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games Store users receive a handful of free games each month.

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