Eleven: Football Manager funded in 30 minutes


It looks like the crowdfunding world has a new surprise hit: the board game Eleven: football coach.

The fair campaign went live today on the Gamefound crowdfunding site. Eleven: football coach is a competitive 1-4 player board game where you try to run your own football club (no american football, no fantasy football, just football) and outdo everyone. This includes hiring staff, building your own stadium, registering with sponsors, and playing against other clubs. To this end, the game will feature multiple playable managers, each with their own way of doing business, multiple card games of players to manage, both rookies and veterans, as well as games filled with staff cards, events , board meetings and even sponsors. . In short, it’s a complete board game that deals more with the economic challenges managers face than the game itself.

And developer Portal Games has done something amazingly good. Just 30 minutes after the campaign for Eleven: football coach has been put online, the main objective of € 30,000 has been achieved. As of this writing, this number has continued to grow to an impressive 89,128 €. For comparison, this works out to $ 122,912.24. Given the studio’s award-winning pedigree and their work on projects like Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game and Imperial settlers, it is clear that most of this passionate support has come about through goodwill and positive word of mouth.

So depending on the progress of the match I will have to prepare a meeting and adjust the projections, as for the stadium project ….

The campaign for Eleven: football coach includes several broad-objective incentives. In addition to the base game which costs you around $ 82 excluding shipping, there are expansions that you can order piecemeal for $ 27. These include an International Player Pack, a stadium-shaped plastic dice board, an Unexpected Events and Stadium expansion, and a single-player campaign mode. Since the base game is already filled with unique custom tokens, game pieces, boards, cards, and dice, these expansions will only add to a substantial experience.

If you are curious about how the game itself plays out, there is a demo of Eleven: football coach available via Table simulator on Steam. Keep in mind that you will have to buy Table simulator yourself to play this demo, but it’s a small price to pay to see if this complex portrayal of football management is going to scratch your particular itch.

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