Edgerunners deserves its own game

When it was originally announced in 2020, Cyberpunk: Edge Runners was a concept that many fans were more than apprehensive about. Although on the outside the concept of game developer CD Projekt Red teaming up with both Netflix and anime juggernaut Studio Trigger seemed destined to succeed, the entire property was shaky after the disaster. which marked the launch of Cyberpunk 2077. Many fans weren’t sure how this team would turn out, and if interest in the deep, lore-filled world was still too tarnished by the bad taste the game left in fans’ mouths.

However, now that the anime has proven to be a smash hit and has even revived interest in Cyberpunk 2077 with fans to a degree not seen since its release, things have definitely changed. Cyberpunk: Edge Runners is not just a beautifully written and animated TV show that fans wholeheartedly embraced, but a triumph that more than justifies its own video game spinoff. here’s why Cyberpunk: Edge Runners deserves to come full circle with its own game and how it could work.

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Cyberpunk: Edgerunner Characters Deserve More Screen Time

Despite all its many flaws, Cyberpunk 2077 was a game that was created to tell a story that fits into its long history of lore. The game featured Keanu Reeves playing a well-known hero from the massive world of global tabletop gaming and tied his narrative to that of the player character, V. However, for the TV show, Studio Trigger and showrunner Rafal Jaki used lore differently to tell an all-new grounded story with characters that feel more believable and real than anything the game had to offer.

edge runners Protagonist David Martinez and his dysfunctional family of cyberpunk criminals not only bond with many fans, but present themselves as charismatic underdogs that fans can’t help but root for. After the shocking death of his mother, David finds a new family in Night City, and his character arc is a fascinating portrayal of a teenager’s plight in a cruel world. Whereas Cyberpunk 2077 forced players to create V as a blank slate, the show, by its very nature as a narrative device, needed to have a fully fleshed out character, and it worked much better. David feels more of a citizen of Night City’s hopeless environment than V ever did, which makes the world feel even more alive.

A game that features David as the protagonist would have a storytelling advantage that Cyberpunk 2077 couldn’t achieve due to its wide variety of creative options for V. It might help tell a tale that feels more personal and true to the world of cyberpunk in general. A good example of this is CD Projekt Red’s other great series, its Witcher Games. In these games, the protagonist, Geralt of Rivia is an established character, and fans see the world through the eyes of someone who has a story within them. David’s tragic rise and fall in Night City is a great story, and it could totally work as an interactive experience with players seeing it extend beyond the show’s 10-episode runtime.

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An Edgerunners game could give Cyberpunk 2077 fans a fresh perspective

Another reason why edge runners makes sense as a spin-off game is that it gives many players the opportunity to have the alternate experience that many wanted but never had Cyberpunk 2077 — a third-person open-world adventure. For many fans, CD Projekt’s decision to release Cyberpunk 2077 as a first-person game was a huge misstep, especially after the success of the Witcher series. Additionally, the decision to remove all third-person cutscenes featuring V only served to further alienate players from its main character.

A edge runners game that features a third-person perspective, where players control David and possibly other characters from his misfit gang, could serve its narrative and fans who have felt left behind by Cyberpunk 2077. Players could not only experience David’s signature Sandevistan implant ability in action, but could also customize his player model as the game progressed, adding more and more “chrome” upgrades to its frame.

Recently, CD Projekt presented its development plans for the next decade, and the studio aims to continue its success with the cyberpunk property well into the future. Let’s hope he revisits the world of edge runners and give fans one more adventure with the characters that revitalized the series as a whole.

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