Dungeons & Dragons Menyr storytelling engine showcases features in new video

Functioning Dungeons & Dragons in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging to say the least. However, Dungeons & Dragons gamers are not only creative, but also always ready to devote more time to the hobby. The result is a wave of online tools allowing Dungeons & Dragons players to deliver and play campaigns in increasingly exciting ways. Just one example is the upcoming “storytelling engine” Menyr, which recently shared a new trailer detailing some of the platform’s features.


Menyr’s feature trailer delves into three areas of focus, Virtual Table Top, World Building, and Storytelling. Like most online Dungeons & Dragons players will attest, virtual table technology is extremely important to master. This is where the games will be played, after all. If features are missing, the game cannot be played. Features that Menyr showcases in this video include virtual dice rolling, multi-view gameplay, a token character library, and a lobby to act as a social space while the virtual table is set up.

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Next to a prominent virtual table, where campaigns are played, is Menyr’s world building system, where campaigns are built. Dungeon masters will be able to build worlds to explore in Menyr, in addition to dungeons and more. The World Building features Menyr’s shows in the video, including creating procedural landscapes, painting biomes to create fast-paced environments, terraforming, and a dungeon generator.

The last area of ​​interest in the Menyr feature trailer is very interesting. It has to do with how the DM is able to tell their story as it goes. The best example is the DM’s ability to control the weather, which will alter the lighting and sky in the virtual table. Other features listed below the narration include Menyr’s asset toolbox, which probably could have been focused on worldbuilding as it includes enemies, season, and weather control, as well as a cinematographic camera with which to take pictures.

All in all, Menyr has put together a tight video showing exactly what she can offer. Dungeons & Dragons players. It certainly looks solidly built, and its aesthetic makes it visually more appealing than others like it. Dungeons & Dragons virtual platforms. However, it still needs to offer a neat and easy-to-use experience.

Menyr isn’t available yet, but its development team has plans for it soon. The video is an effort to draw more attention to the project as the Menyr development team plans to launch a Kickstarter project soon. The campaign is not yet online, but Dungeons & Dragons players can expect to hear more about Menyr soon.

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