Dungeons and Dragons Amazon Prime Day 2021 Deals – Buy 2, Get 1 Half Price D&D Mega Sale


There has never been a better time to try D&D or fill in the gaps in your collection, especially now that the Dungeons and Dragons Amazon Prime Day deals are here. In fact, many books have had their prices cut in half (including more recent versions). There is also a promotion where buying two books gets you a third for 50% less than normal.

While it’s not surprising to see so many Dungeons and Dragons Amazon Prime Day deals, we are surprised by the scale of the savings offered. Amazon has done away with most rulebooks and D&D campaigns, allowing you to enter tabletop RPG for the first time or expand your collection at a greatly reduced rate. When taken with the best Prime Day board game deals, it’s a good time for us and a bad time for our wallets.

More offers will appear soon (the sales event is June 21-22), so we’ll be keeping this page updated for the next few days.

Dungeons and Dragons Prime Day Offers – Rulebooks

There are many D&D rulebooks out there, and most of them are for sale as part of the Prime Day Dungeons and Dragons offers. However, there are three that you should look out for if you’re a beginner – the core rulebooks (the player’s manual, the dungeon master’s guide, and the monster manual).

When it comes to more advanced players, Sources and Settings will help you elevate your game with new subclasses, locations, and monsters to take on. Below are the best deals.

Prime Day Dungeons & Dragons Offers – Core Rulebooks

Player’s Manual | $ 50 $ 31 on Amazon
British agreement: £ 34 £ 27 at Amazon UK
For those new to Dungeons and Dragons, the Player’s Manual is a must-have product. It spans character creation, classes and more in the free ground rules, and it provides much more detail about the gameplay in general. This includes everything from activities between adventures to building a colony for you and your party.
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Monster Manual | $ 50 $ 27 at Amazon
British agreement: £ 39 £ 32 on Amazon UK
The Monster Manual is another essential purchase if you’re going to be running your own games – it gives you a bunch of cool creatures to choose from, and they range from classic undead to more unusual choices like the owl. This is a great place to start, especially if you are new to Dungeons and Dragons.
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Dungeon Master’s Guide | $ 50 $ 25 on Amazon
British agreement: £ 42 £ 29 on Amazon UK
If you are hoping to launch your own games, you absolutely must get the Dungeon Master’s Guide. It contains everything you need to create your own world, campaigns, NPCs, dungeons, pantheons, currencies, magic items, and scenarios. An absolutely essential purchase that you will not regret.
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Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set | $ 170 $ 92 on Amazon
British agreement: £ 90 on Amazon UK
If you want to get started with D&D, this is the ultimate pack for you. It fits into the player manual, dungeon master guide, and monster manual with special aluminum covers, holster, and dungeon master screen. At $ 78 less than normal, that’s a real steal.
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Prime Day Dungeons & Dragons offers – Sourcebooks

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything | $ 50 $ 29 on Amazon
British agreement: £ 39 £ 30 on Amazon UK
Whether you’re a gamer or a dungeon master, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything is an essential purchase. As well as featuring all new subclasses and story options for the characters, it’s also packed with DM tips, traps, and downtime activities to add flavor to your games.
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Guide to the Monsters of Volo | $ 50 $ 28 on Amazon
British agreement: £ 42 £ 26 at Amazon UK
Want to dive deeper into the world of monsters, magical creatures, and mystical player races? You need this book on your shelf. Besides giving in-depth knowledge about spectators and giants, it also provides rules for playing like everything from firbolgs to goblins.
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Tome of Mordenkainen’s Enemies | $ 50 $ 25 on Amazon
British agreement: £ 33 £ 29 on Amazon UK
With rules for loads of new monsters, you’d think this book was primarily aimed at Dungeon Masters. However, this is where you go wrong – it also features cool Elven and Dwarf subclasses, allowing players to bring a little extra flavor to their characters.
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Prime Day Dungeons and Dragons offers – settings

Mythical Odyssey of Theros | $ 50 $ 24 on Amazon
British agreement: £ 36 £ 31 on Amazon UK
As one of the more recent D&D books, seeing Mythic Odysseys of Theros get a hefty 50% discount isn’t an opportunity to be missed. It’s a fantastic tome packed with great ideas of lore and adventure inspired by Greek mythology, so we recommend you check it out.
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Eberron: the resurrection of the last war | $ 50 $ 28 on Amazon
British agreement: £ 38 £ 29 on Amazon UK
Fancy a steampunk D&D adventure? The world of Eberron brings you this, along with a lot of cool extras – like robot warriors and magic trains. It’s awesome and unlike anything on display in the Prime Day Dungeons & Dragons offerings. Take it while it’s on sale!
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Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide | 40 $ $ 20 on Amazon
British agreement: £ 34 £ 23 at Amazon UK
As one of the most enduring settings in D&D, the Coast of Swords is one place you’ll almost certainly have come across – namely, it’s where Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter, and Dark Alliance take place. You can learn more about its traditions and learn how to play games there with this handy – and surprisingly inexpensive – tome.
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Dungeons and Dragons Prime Day offers – adventures

Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden | $ 50 $ 35 on Amazon
British agreement: £ 36 £ 27 at Amazon UK
Last year’s massive D&D campaign just saw a massive price drop thanks to Amazon Prime Day, dropping costs by 40%. It lets you explore the dangerous and icy north, while adding survival horror to your adventure (for more on this part, be sure to check out our guide on how to create a D&D horror campaign) .
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Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avern | $ 50 $ 23 on Amazon
British agreement: £ 39 £ 27 at Amazon UK
Intrigued by the new Baldur’s Gate video game? This official D&D campaign book takes you to the titular city for 50% less than normal. Considering all the intrigue and cool additions inside, this is a steal. Then once you get to Avernus, it’s basically Mad Max fantasy. What not to like?
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Ghosts of Saltmarsh | $ 50 $ 29 on Amazon
British agreement: £ 42 £ 32 on Amazon UK
This new take on classic D&D adventures combines some of the game’s most beloved stories into one package. These quests can be completed on an ad hoc basis or added to your existing campaign, providing great flexibility.
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Tales of the Yawning Portal | $ 50 $ 29 on Amazon
British agreement: £ 42 £ 29 on Amazon UK
Bringing together seven of the best D&D adventures in its decades of history, Tales from the Yawning Portal brings together stories like Against the Giants, Sunless Citadel, Dead in Thay, and Forge of Fury. There are also a few stories across the multiverse heard by Durnan, the bartender at Yawning Portal tavern …
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Dungeons and Dragons Prime Day offers – dice

GeekOn XL Dice Case with Nesting Tray | $ 45 $ 29 on Amazon (with coupon)
For the real dice goblin in your life (who could very well be you, non-judgmental), this is the ultimate way to store your treasure safe and sound with a harsh exterior and a soft lather on the inside. The nesting dice tray means you’ll always have a place to roll them too – make sure you check the coupon box to get the lowest price.See the offer

WeaponDice Hollow Metal Dice Set | $ 43 $ 37 on Amazon (with coupon)
Are these the ultimate D&D dice? Very probably. Absurdly complex and just plain cool, these are a great choice for any gaming table – especially because you can get $ 6 off when applying a special coupon (click on the checkbox below the price)See the offer

Lot of polyhedral dice (5 games) with pockets | $ 20 $ 9.99 at Amazon
If you want enough dice to get the whole crew ready to roll, look no further. This lot includes five sets of seven polyhedral dice; Best of all, each set has its own distinct look and included pouch, so you don’t have to worry about mixing them up.

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Pure Copper Hollow Metal Dice Set | $ 49 $ 39 on Amazon (by joining Prime)
OK, I admit it – I’m kind of in love with these dice. Thanks to an intricate, hollow design, they really stand out and will look impressive at the table. If you sign up for Prime, you can get them for $ 9.80 less.See the offer

Antique Iron Style Metal Dice | $ 20 $ 13 on Amazon
Give your reels a little more oomph by getting this all-metal dice set, with a beautiful aesthetic inspired by antique iron. The standard selling price is a bit higher, so don’t miss out on this savings.
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Amazon Prime Day Dungeons and Dragons deals aren’t the only great deals. The sales event also has a lot of other technologies at significantly discounted prices, including Prime Day Laptop Deals and Prime Day TV Deals. As for more general offers, don’t forget to visit our friends at TechRadar.

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