Dominion announces its 15th expansion

The venerable deck-building game Domination will release its 15th expansion later this year. Rio Grande Game announced Dominion: Loot, the 15th extension to Domination. The new expansion will add 40 new Kingdom cards and include new treasures and durations, which are cards that add effects and actions to a player’s next turn. Dominion: Plunder will also include several new events, bringing back this type of card for the first time in several years. This marks the second Domination expansion released this year, after Domination: Allies back in March.

Domination is one of the classic modern deck-building games and focuses on quickly discovering different beneficial card combos. In each game, players randomly (or not) choose 10 different kingdom stacks which are placed in a common market. All players start the game with the same starter deck – however, players can buy cards on their turn to add more actions or add more gold to make larger purchases. Throughout the game, players can also buy cards with victory points on them. However, these cards rarely have any other effect, so the balance becomes wanting to buy victory points to ensure victory by making your deck actually effective on a turn. Some cards can also sabotage their opponents by adding curses (with negative victory point values) or even stealing coins from an opponent’s hand. The game ends when three stacks of cards have been fully purchased or when the stack of Province cards (the card with the most victory points) is exhausted.

Domination pioneered the genre of deckbuilding games and received numerous accolades, including the prestigious Spiel des Jahres and Deutscher Spiele Preis when it was first released. And while other deck-building games have come out over the past 13 years, none have had the same staying power as Domination.

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