Disney You Can Fly Helps Families Take On Physical Challenges Using Foam Gliders


It is one of the more recent titles from Funko Games.

Funko Games released Disney you can fly, a family game inspired by some of Disney’s flying characters, like Dumbo and Buzz Lightyear.

While Funko Games specializes in tabletop games, Disney you can fly is not a board or card game. Instead, it’s physical play that will get kids and parents off the couch and challenge them to use foam gliders to complete a course they create in their own home or play space.

Disney you can fly is designed for 2-4 players ages 4 and up. The game includes four foam gliders inspired by Buzz Lightyear, Dumbo, Tinker Bell and Pegasus (from Hercules).

Before starting the game, families will need to work together to create a course around their home or play area using eight cloud markers numbered 1 through 8. Although the course can take any shape. , players should make sure that there is enough free space between the cloud markers so that they can launch the gliders from one marker to another in numerical order without hitting an obstacle (such as a large furniture a tree).

Once a cloud marker is placed, families will also randomly place one of the 12 Flight tiles next to it. These tiles will give players the physical challenge they must complete while launching their glider to the next marker. The flight tiles are placed upside down so players don’t know what challenges they will need to complete before starting the game.

Once the course is created, players will start at the first cloud marker and flip its flight tile. They will have to launch their glider towards the second cloud marker while following the instructions on the flight tile. As an example, the tile can tell them to throw the glider overhead, throw the glider while lying on their stomach, or throw the glider with their non-dominant hand.

Whoever launches his glider closest to the next cloud marker recovers the Flight tile and wins the number of points indicated on the tile. Then everyone move on to the next Cloud Marker on the course and repeat these steps.

Source: Funko Games

Since adults can have an advantage over children by default (for example, they can throw the gliders harder and therefore farther), the game includes special lift tokens that will be played throughout the game. , once someone has collected a flight tile, they will play one of the three elevator tokens associated with their character to help everyone in the next challenge (which will put them at a disadvantage).

For example, a Lift Token will allow all other players to take a giant step towards the next Cloud Marker, while the person who played the Lift Token remains in their original position.

This cycle continues until players reach the final cloud marker. At this point, the player with the most points wins.

Disney you can fly is now available for $ 16.99. The game bears the “Babysitter Approved” seal of Funko Games, which is awarded to games designed to be easy to learn and easy to store.

Disclosure: Funko Games sent SuperParent Disney you can fly for coverage purposes.

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