Diablo Immortal is the top game on the iOS App Store as gamers rail against monetization

A day after its initial launch on the iOS and Google Play stores, Diablo Immortal announced that it was the number one title on Apple’s US App Store. This is when the community is angry about the aggressive monetization, as well as the lackluster PC port of the ARPG.

Diablo Immortal is the mobile-first cross-platform PC-to-mobile ARPG launched with a ton of excitement this week, as players geared up for what they hoped would be a stellar Diablo experience, just on the go. And that came true to some degree, with many players including our own Robin saying it was good that a lot of what she loved about the closed alpha remained intact in the final build. of Immortal.

Image credit: Blizzard

However, as players were able to explore more Diablo Immortal, the villainous head of microtransactions has risen, with many in the community decrying what appear to be shady practices. Accusations that MTX is a little too close to pay-to-win, especially for PvPers, have been a constant refrain, while others have called the monetization practices “downright insulting.“Many take up the expression Diablo Immoral as a way to show their disgust at what many call “predatory” microtransactions.

It’s not a shock either, considering the Diablo The mobile title did not launch in two European countries due to lootbox issues.

The fact that a large part of the final phase can be facilitated by the purchase of immortal microtransactions are something a lot of gamers don’t want in their games, no matter who makes them. To quote the excellent Den of Geek Diablo Immortal guide to microtransactions“The thing is, someone who spends money on this game will be able to make their character much more powerful in a lot less time than someone who doesn’t intend to spend money on the game. game.” This is something that is clearly felt throughout the community. And that’s a real shame, and that’s something the community is pushing hard against.

It doesn’t help that although Blizzard released the title on PC, the port doesn’t look the best. It’s clearly inspired by the mobile version to the point that to pass the initial title splash screen you have to “tap” to start. Currently, there’s no way to adjust your specific resolution, ultrawide support doesn’t seem to be there, and the game’s UI is still clearly laid out as if your thumbs are controlling the experience, not a mouse and a keyboard.

Diablo Immortal PC Title Screen

It should be noted that the PC version is labeled as an open beta and should hopefully improve over time. Also considering that when Diablo Immortal was announced that the ARPG was intended for phones only (because we all have them, right?), the PC port is a welcome addition for those looking for a Diablo repair while waiting Diablo 4 Release.

It will be interesting to see the endurance of Diablo Immortal among die-hard fans of the series, or whether the excitement, coupled with the enmity over the monetization practices injected into the mobile title, will see the excitement wane. We’ll have our full thoughts in our review in the coming weeks.

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