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Today, Demiplane has a pretty impressive announcement for tabletop RPG fans. The team officially announced Free League Nexus. This will be the official digital toolset for Free league. If you’re a fan of this tabletop RPG, you’ll be happy to hear that Free League Nexus launches in 2022 with an Early Access phase in an effort to get community feedback to improve and further shape the game. set of tools. If that sounds great to you, head over to the official site for updates, including when Early Access is available.

Some of the features planned for Free League Nexus include a digital player, game rulebook, character generator, and interactive character sheet. There will also be an online play area where you can connect with other players for video chat and matchmaking. Speaking of bringing Free League a new set of tools, Adam bradford to Demiplane said:

Free League has taken the tabletop role-playing space by storm in recent years, releasing games imbued with masterful game design, unmatched production value, and compelling storytelling potential. . We’re excited to bring this kind of digital medium to life for these amazing games. I can’t wait to use Free League Nexus at my own table!

CEO of Free League Publishing, Tomas Härenstam added:

Tabletop games and their communities have evolved online for years, and we want our games to be where the players are. Free League Nexus on Demiplane is another major step for us in this direction. We don’t want players choosing between playing online or at a physical table – Free League Nexus gives them tools to enhance the experience for both.

This is Demiplane’s third set of digital tools (or more to come. Others include Pathfinder Nexus and World of Darkness Nexus.

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