D&D Dragonlance subclasses need to be added

Dragonlance campaign setting is coming Dungeons & Dragons 5th to come Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen campaign, which works with an upcoming board game called Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn. The world of Krynn has many potential options for character races, classes, and subclasses, but Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen doesn’t seem to add any. Dragonlance has plenty of scope for new subclasses, which should make their way to J&D 5th.

The first time J&D fans learned that a possible Dragonlance revival was when a Unearthed Arcana article listed different races, backgrounds, and achievements from the world of Krynn. These included powerful new traits for characters to possess, as well as the amazing Lunar Magic subclass for wizards, though that was the extent of the new class and subclass options. Knights of Solamnia and High Sorcery Mages are now relegated to background status, even though they provide incredible abilities to characters.


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Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen takes place during the era of the War of the Spear, which means that the Knights of Neraka have not been formed and the War of Souls has not yet taken place, so content about them will likely not appear not in the book. There is still a lot of Dragonlance content from older editions of J&D which can be adapted for the 5th, especially those related to the races of Krynn. Below are some of the Dragonlance subclasses that can be added to the latest edition of J&D.

The Kender Handler is a thief driven by curiosity rather than gold

Cover of Dragonlance Kender

It has been confirmed that the kender are returning to J&D in the future Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen book, as they appeared in a previous Unearthed Arcana article where they then received a buff. It is rare for J&D to lock classes and subclasses behind races, with even the Elven Bladesinger class now available for all characters in J&D 5th, but the Handler might be the one worth keeping one race exclusive. Kender are the halfling equivalent in the world of Krynn, but they are different in many ways, as they are driven entirely by curiosity and a childlike appreciation of all things, which often puts them in danger.

The manager J&D the subclass is the kender version of a thief. The average kender would scoff at the idea of ​​being a thief, as they are not motivated by gold and do not actively seek bloodshed. Instead, Handlers love to collect items they find interesting, even if they have no monetary value. This leads to the Handler learning many skills from the rogue class, although he resents the fact that he is often used for things the races would find criminal. The Handler subclass for the rogue can have access to a number of abilities that allow them to snatch items in battle and can spread their incredible luck among their party members.

Gnome Tinkers uses inventions (which sometimes work)

Dragonlance Tinker Gnome

In the world of Krynn, the race of gnomes are known for their inventions. Gnomes are also known for their inventions which rarely work and often explode in their faces. J&D 5e has a class called the Artificer, who specializes in using magic to strengthen his gear. In ancient Krynn lore, the only races that could use magic were humans, elves, and ogres, but this will likely be reinstated in Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen, as this would severely limit the character options available to players. As such, if gnomes are Krynn are allowed to use magic, then they would make perfect artificers, and the Tinker Gnome would be an ideal choice for them.

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The Tinker Gnome class is said to specialize in creating overly complicated devices that can be used to solve problems or take care of enemies in battle. This J&D The subclass could be an interesting variant of the Wild Magic subclass for wizards, with their devices having a random chance to perform specific effects. The Tinker Gnome would need some guaranteed moves, in order to make them a viable choice for players, which is why giving them the regular Artificer spells is useful to make them useful, while Inventions can be used to s have fun, and eventually succeed by chance.

Renegade wizards use forbidden magic (and are therefore hunted)

Dragonlance Raistlin Chronicles Dawn of Spring

Existing Dragonlance character backgrounds in J&D 5th Cover High Sorcery Magi. In the world of Krynn, there is a vast and powerful order of mages, who belong to three specific groups: black-robed, red-robed, and white-robed. If a person wants to become a true mage in the eyes of order, they must take the test, which is an incredibly deadly magical exam, tailor-made to play on the fears of everyone who takes it. Once someone has completed the test, they are free to study magic as they please, though they must still abide by the laws of order.

There are those in Krynn who reject the ideals of order and become renegades. These mages study forbidden magic and often hide their true identities from others, as many mages will kill a renegade on the spot, or at least imprison them, so they can be judged by the rest of the order. There are many interesting stories told with the help of renegade wizards in the Dragonlance novels and they have their place in J&D 5th.

The stream Player’s Handbook has several classes that don’t exist in the world of Krynn and renegades can be used as a way to include them. The Renegade Wizard is an easy subclass for the main Wizard class, but it’s also a good option for the Warlock, as they make deals with powerful creatures to circumvent the need to summon the three moons of Krynn for spells. Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen takes place during the opening of the War of the Spear, which means the heroes will need all the help they can get to fight off the armies of dragons. This means there is a role in the story for renegade wizards, while the subclass can be used to bring abilities and spells not normally part of the world of Krynn.

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Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen and Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn will be launched at the end of 2022.

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