CMON buys award-winning RPG Studio


CMON Limited, the manufacturer of Marvel United, Zombicide, and Cthulhu: death can die, announced the purchase of award-winning tabletop RPG studio Two Little Mice. CMON purchased the Two Little Mice game portfolio, which includes the ENNIE award winner Broken compasssand Housework. CMON will continue to develop and support both titles with the goal of bringing the games to a wider audience. Additionally, Two Little Mice designers Riccardo ‘Rico’ Sirignano, Simone Formicola and Daniela Giubellini, will join CMON’s role-playing and narrative board games division, which recently produced the Zombicide Tabletop RPG Chronicles and is currently working on Trudvang Captions, a narrative board game.

Broken compass is a role-playing game heavily inspired by Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, and other adventure franchises. Players create an adventurer in search of treasure, choosing from different backgrounds and professions that grant them skills in various types of skills. Players take a test by rolling a pool of D6s (the size of which is determined both by your mastery of a skill and whether you have an advantage or disadvantage) and you pass a test if multiple dice fall on the same number. . The difficulty of a test determines how many dice must land on the same number, with tests ranging from basic (two dice must show the same number) to impossible (five dice must show the same number.) Broken compass can take place either in the 1930s or in the more modern era of 1999.

The purchase of Broken Compass allows CMON to take advantage of the growing popularity of tabletop role-playing games. Several large tabletop role-playing Kickstarter campaigns topped $ 1 million or more this year, many of which featured top-notch IPs or were bolstered by premium miniatures and miniatures. As a high-end miniature maker that specializes in large Kickstarters, it seems like a smart game to bring in a team of award-winning designers to develop RPG games related to the existing CMON IP or allow CMON to compete for tabletop role-playing game licenses from other leading franchises.

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