Closure of the Pegasus Games store in Corvallis

Pegasus Games in Corvallis is closing after 21 years, leaving mid-valley tabletop gamers looking for a new place to shop and play after November 30.

“There are a lot of people who have been coming here for a long time,” said store owner Marc LeRoux.

The store is not closed due to lack of activity, according to LeRoux, who said things are going well. But he and his wife temporarily move to Malaysia, where she has a career opportunity too good to pass up. After Malaysia they should hit Singapore and then return to Corvallis.

Sunrise Corvallis climate activists demonstrate outside Corvallis Town Council Chambers in the town centre. A Green New Deal resolution drafted by the group is being considered by the board.

First opened in 2001, Pegasus Games has moved twice over the years. For two years it has been at 1100 SW Third St., attracting a wide range of customers for games such as Magic: The Gathering, The Settlers of Catan, Warhammer, Scythe, Wingspan, and Carcassonne.

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Magic, the revolutionary collectible card game pitting players against each other as dueling wizards, is the game that inspired LeRoux to open up shop. Board games also became part of the equation, with LeRoux going from five picks to over 300 when fully stocked.

“It’s all good – I only have games here that have been highly rated,” he said. “I have all the Game of the Year games that are in print, and some that aren’t.”

After six years in its original downtown location, LeRoux said he was forced to move to a dilapidated abandoned building. After renovating this space, he spent 15 years there. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Dealing with the pandemic has not been easy for Pegasus Games.

“It got off to a bad start because I got kicked out on March 1, 2020,” LeRoux said. “I delivered to my customers; I had all my shelves at home and my wholesalers were always sending me stuff.

While eating at Papa’s Pizza Parlor, LeRoux noticed that a decades-old executive store was up for grabs. After a bit of a revamp, Pegasus Games has been brought back to life on Third Street.

LeRoux thinks he will sell all board games and stock before closing. Magic cards only appreciate in value, so he’s not worried if they stick around for a while. The shop remains open for the time being, except for one week in October for shopping in Malaysia. Then, it closes permanently on November 30.

A point of frustration for LeRoux in recent years has been that customers have said they could have gone online to buy, but they “wanted to buy local.” He said it’s obvious when a customer walks in, so he doesn’t have to say it, adding that he and other retailers are exhausted by the feeling.

“It’s always been a pain to compete with online sales,” he said, noting that the rare exception was Warhammer games, the maker of which he says is trying to protect physical operations.

Although not part of the store’s inventory, LeRoux is also selling his rare Tesla Roadster. He can’t take it with him, so he’s asking for $125,000. He claims it’s the only one of its kind in Oregon, and only 2,400 were made.

It’s unclear if LeRoux will look to reopen when he returns, but he said that possibility is on the table.

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