Classic Grand Theft Auto game appears to be delisted on some platforms

Grand Theft Auto Vice City was removed from the Google Play Store, seemingly without notice. Rockstar pulled this and other PS2 era games from the series previously on PC and it was done in the run up to Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, but it got a lot of backlash. Many feared that those who wanted to revisit the classic, untouched releases that made them fall in love with these games might not be able to or would have immense difficulty getting their hands on them. Although the games could be accessed on older consoles and probably through emulators, this was not suitable for gamers. The original games still remain inaccessible on platforms like Steam, but ports from the 2010s still exist on mobile.

However, as noted Twitter user TheNathanNS, Grand Theft Auto Vice City was removed from the Google Play Store this week, preventing players from purchasing it for Android devices. For those who currently have the game installed on their device, it should still be playable. If you haven’t downloaded it, it’s like completely unplayable unless Rockstar reposts it on the store. Auto grand theft 3, grand theft auto san andreasand other Rockstar games We couldn’t find any type of notice or announcement regarding this change, so it’s a bit sudden. At the moment the game remains on the Apple Store, so it is available on other mobile devices. We’ve reached out to Rockstar Games for a request for comment, but haven’t received a response yet.

It has been speculated that Rockstar may be gearing up for the Remastered Trilogy to release on mobile, something that has already been announced, but with no concrete release date. Given how badly the delisting situation went last time around, it seems unlikely that this is the case. It’s hard to speculate why it might have been removed given that the other game is still available on mobile and none of the other GTA games have been removed from the Google Play Store.

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