Chittenden Softball League: It’s a battle for second place


Rock Landscaping headed for an unbeaten season as the other teams are all tied

By DJ Dave Hoffenberg

Rock Landscaping vs. Dirty Mike & The Boys

The last game Rock faced Dirty Mike & The Boys and it was a close game until the third set. It was a nearly identical first inning with the top half of each roster scoring three runs for a tie of 3-3.

The second saw both teams with a few hits but no one scored. The third was where the defense left for DMTB. Rock succeeded his order one and a half times, scoring 11 points to open the game wide (14-3).

It was the only round that mattered.

They each got only one point over the next three innings. The seventh was like the first. They both got three points, but the game was well over before that. Rock went undefeated with an 18-7 bashing from Dirty Mike & The Boys.

Flannels Fanatics vs. First stop base camp

Flannels Fanatics played First Stop Base Camp in a nightcap. We would have to go back through the history books to see when, if ever, FSBC won out of mercy.

It was a lousy match for FF but a huge win for FSBC. FF Jimbo Cassineri walked to start the match and eventually made it to the third goal, but that’s where he stayed. Meanwhile, Johnny Sharpe started with a single, then FF pitcher Ronzoni Hacker couldn’t find the plate. He scored 2 runs and three batters in that one inning. He didn’t walk in two runs in an entire season!

Max Elles had another run to give his team a 4-0 lead.

FF lost 1-2-3 in the second, but FSBC passed his order, scoring six points for a 10-0 lead. There were no walks but a few costly mistakes. Either way, they’ve had five hits in this round with Shawn Smith driving in three and Max Elles in another.

The only positive point for FF was to shoot a double game at the end of the set.

The third was more or less the same – no offense for FF but they pulled off a good defense to keep FSBC off the scoreboard. The fourth round was a big round for Sharpe as he delivered two “Cold Beer K’s” to Cliff Aker and Ricky Robair for another scoreless round. The bottom of the fourth was similar to the first. Ronzoni scored two points and FSBC scored three to extend their 14-0 lead. Jimbo Cassineri made a nice capture of Web Jewel on third base to end the set.

FF finally managed to break his shortage in fifth with three points, including two from a double hit hard by Brando Remick. The FSBC didn’t score anymore but that doesn’t matter because nobody did. They got the victory out of pity 14-3.

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