Chicago Card Game Combines Trivia and Malört


Think you know Chicago?

What are the seven ingredients of a Chicago hot dog? Or, what does each of the four stars of the Chicago flag represent?

Better yet, what if the reward for flaunting your knowledge of Windy City trivia had gone from just bragging to being spared Chicago’s most ruthless punishments – a big blow from Jeppson’s Malört?

A quirky new drinking game, The Chicago Handshake, arrives in area stores Thursday, and it’s designed to test your Chicago knowledge while tossing the book to unfamiliar friends and family. Chi-town to stand up for yourself when it comes to all thingsChicago. Every game loser has to knock down a Chicago handshake – the nickname for a Chicago tallboy-style beer and a Malört shot, the famous liqueur which “has eliminated the weak since 1933”, indicates the company’s slogan.

“There are people who know they love the taste of Malört more than others, and for some you will get that ‘face of Malört’,” said Kyle John Hollings, artistic director of the game. ending is the most fun, because we all have our thoughts on ‘Malört’ and it’s always a great way to welcome people to the city. “

Players will have to put on their best “super fan” accent or eat an imaginary slice of pizza deep in the game.
Daniel E. Bell / Transit T-shirts

Considered a beskbrännvin – a style of bitter Swedish schnapps made from absinthe – Malört was originally sold in Chicago as a medicinal alcohol during Prohibition. Today, the legendary hoe is distilled in Pilsen and owned by CH Distillery, which will sell the Chicago Handshake game on its website.

“It’s a game you can actually play together and remember the good times in Chicago,” said Tim Gillengerten, founder of Transit Tees, the group that produces the game. “I think the stories that come out of it are the most important thing. “

The game features a “bartender” who acts as a judge during the game and can dispense drinks to players of their choice. When a player cannot remember the answer to a trivial question, which can cover everything from Chicago architecture to old Chicagoland commercial jingles, they are fined one or two tokens. The first player to reach seven chips must drink a Chicago Handshake.

One of the tasks of the game is to name the nine ingredients of the Chicago-style hot dog, a feat that can prove more difficult when drunk.  One player holds the card

One of the tasks of the game is to name the nine ingredients of the Chicago-style hot dog, a feat that can prove more difficult when drunk.
Daniel E. Bell / Transit T-shirts

The game also features several other times when players have to drink, and includes challenges like putting your best Chicago “super fan” accent or pontificating over your favorite slice of deep pizza.

Transit Tees, located in Wicker Park, makes a plethora of Chicago-inspired products, including a CTA-themed board game and various city-themed puzzles.

Gillengerten said each match lasts about half an hour, but that’s enough to get “a little warm”, especially if “everyone is ganging up on you or the bartender is giving you a hard time.”

Despite partnering with Malört for the creation of the game, Gillengerten says he’s still never tasted it.

“I’ll taste it soon,” said Gillengerten, who uses cranberry juice in testing the game.. “We have bottles of it here that we use for our research and development sessions, and I can feel it; it smells good. But the staff informed me that the taste is quite different.

Hollings says he gathered the nerve to cut a few hits, with one caveat.

“[In] my head, I’m looking for a hunter – the closest, ”said Hollings to whom he thinks every time he tastes the liquor.

The Chicago Handshake Public Game Launch Event will take place on November 8 from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at the CH Distillery, 564 W. Randolph Street. Free tickets can be booked here, and guests can also order special Chicago handshakes for $ 4 during the event.

A bottle of Jeppson's Malört presented in 2009.

A shot of Jeppson’s Malört, a bottle of it shown here in 2009, is the punishment for the Chicago Handshake trivia game.
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