Character predictions for season 2

Throughout season one of rings of power, audiences were introduced to many amazing characters, some whose fates span the next thousand years of inactive Earth, well into The Hobbit and the the Lord of the Ringsand others whose part in their world’s history was brief but still significant.

With the shutdown of the Amazon series, several of these characters’ stories ended on cliffhangers, and left their fans wondering what to expect in Season 2. So here are 10 character predictions for the future of the series. :


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Round and Bronwyn

It is feared that at some point during the next series of rings of powerone or both of these beloved characters can die. Bronwyn, who quickly became a hero among her people due to her bravery and tenacity, is human and therefore cannot survive beyond old age, unless killed in battle or in an ambush first. And though Arondir is an immortal elf, he has many enemies and many difficulties before him, when they realize that the Halbrand, king of the Southlands whom they professed to follow, was Sauron all along. . There are only 2 known successful pairings of elves and humans in the history of Middle-earth, namely Beren and Luthien, and thousands of years later Aragorn and Arwen, which means that there will probably be a tragedy for these star-crossed lovers.


Miriel is another character that many believe may die in future seasons. With the sudden passing of her father in the final episode, Mirirel is now queen of Numenor and has already proven herself to be a brave warrior and righteous ruler. She led both her own people to triumph and the people of the Southlands to the safety of Pelargir, later to become an important kingdom. But his visions in the Palantir of the Flood destroying Numenor may be a vision of what the next series has in store for him.


Elendil ended the season angry at the world, angry at Middle-earth, and especially angry at Galadriel, who took him there in the first place. He blames her for the loss of his son and never wants to see those cursed lands again. Unfortunately for him, Middle-earth lore shows that this will not be the case, as he would later become the first King of Gondor. This suggests that something colossal will happen to bring Elendil, and possibly also Miriel, back to Middle-earth despite the growing crisis in their own homeland, with the death of the king.


Here’s another character who is known to change the fate of Middle-earth in a thousand years, so he’s clearly not dead as many of his friends and family currently believe. At the end of the series’ 7th episode, Elendil released Isildur’s very distraught horse back into the wild, believing that he had seen too much of the war and would be better off free. The horse is seen running away, coming back in the direction of Mordorwhich suggests that he is on his way to reunite with Isildur, and will lead him, possibly injured, back to his people, where he will travel to Pelargir and eventually reunite with his father.

Harfoots were a large part of the stranger, (which is now confirmed to be that of Gandalf) journey, and the end of the show saw them heading to their next colony. With the departure of their leader Sadoc, it seems that Poppy, who has a great sense of direction thanks to her walking song, will become the next trail master. But whether the story of these hobbit ancestors is complete, or whether they will feature in Season 2, perhaps to find the Shire and finally settle in one place, is yet to be revealed.

Nori and the Stranger

Nori and the stranger are known as the end of the last episode to head to the mysterious eastern lands of Rhun. But what awaits the heroes in this mystical place? There have been many suggestions and allusions to the wizard going there to remember his past, suggesting that he might meet some of the other wizards there, possibly Saruman or the blue wizards. And he will undoubtedly discover some secrets that will help him learn to master his power. So far, Nori has been his moral compass and helped steer him towards the light, even when the 3 wizards took him for Sauronso it’s clear she’ll stick by his side until he finds his way back to who he is at heart.

Galadriel and Elrond

With the creation of the 3 elven rings, the beginning of a much larger adventure in the other 17 rings of power, it is clear that the ways of Galadriel and Elronds are now inextricably linked. They both have their own fortunes and mysteries to explore, like Galadriel perhaps. find her husband, whom she believes died in the war, and Elrond’s involvement with the dwarves of Khazad-Dum, but after the terrible betrayal that Galadriel has just experienced, it is unlikely that she will want to stray too far from Elrond. She will need her close friends to weather the coming storm.


With Halbrand’s devastating revelation that he is Sauron, book readers can now expect several things for his character. From the fall of Numenor being the first time Sauron’s physical form dies, to the Battle of the Last Covenant when Isildur cuts the ring off his finger, there is a long way to go before his eventual defeat by Frodo, Sam and Gollum. But it is believed that in the next season Sauron will also travel to Rhun, and the show will explore the concept of whether or not he really wants to heal the world.

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