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Can Skyrim embrace crypto and blockchain faster than Stormrite’s release?

Blockchain has become the ‘cure for all diseases’ in crypto and fintech media. Everyone needs blockchain; blockchain for you, blockchain for me… Let’s calm down and think carefully.

Of course, there are things that would benefit a lot from blockchain adoption. For example, elections; if each vote is a DFT, the possibilities for ballot rigging will be close to zero. On the other hand, even coins are an unnecessary use of the blockchain.

Game genres suitable for blockchain

Let’s look at this through a gaming lens. The boom in game-to-win projects has shown the greatest demand for digital creature / monster pet games: Axie Infinity, My DeFi Pet, Ethermon, Binamon. The evolution is evident, taking inspiration from CryptoKitties, CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club and gamifying the process with breeding, battles, and other mechanics.

Next in line were card games and farming simulators, such as Splinterlands and My Neighbor Alice as a result. Again, this is a pretty logical sequence as these two genres also offer collecting and owning, especially farm games, which takes it up a notch. For example, even the team behind Axie Infinity will be implementing elements of land farming in the next big update, Axie Infinity: Origin.

However, only the bravest have opted for creating multiverses: Decentraland, Enjin and the Sandbox. It is the most difficult and sophisticated way to use blockchain. These are projects that have been in development for years now, especially Enjin which has been around since the origins of the blockchain itself.

While all of the aforementioned genres are quite different, there is one common thread: Games have a strong community involvement. This is an obvious causal relationship; the value is derived from the environment. When playing a single player game, the need to own something inside the game is minimal. Because you own the game itself. However, in the case of multiplayer projects, ownership is required.

Will Skyrim benefit from blockchain?

For starters, Skyrim is slightly different from the games we’ve reviewed before. It’s a story-driven, open-world action RPG that requires a minimal amount of online elements. In the case of Skyrim, there is no online mode at all, unless you use unofficial mods.

A logical question comes naturally here: why do we even need blockchain for single-player games? Fair enough, but blockchain-based RPGs are in demand, as the case of Stormrite has shown.

The answer lies, as cliché as it sounds, outside the box.

RPG stands for Role-Playing Game, which involves creating a unique game character and walking it through the storyline and making it unprecedented. Doesn’t that sound familiar to you? Breeding Axies, rare CryptoPunks…?

Yes, RPG is already a well-established genre for gamers. Its origins come from fantastic table games, which didn’t even involve computers at the time. All actions took place in live conversations fueled by the imaginations of participants. Now, some RPG games have taken a different direction and become story-based single-player games, where you evolve your character throughout the storyline.

What if we got an NFT for our character after completing the storyline? Yes, just imagine getting a unique and rare NFT not in a market, but by creating it while playing a game. That means you can use it in any other game that supports it. It’s a journey that you can take with your character from game to game, not just within one. It’s like raising an Axie NFT but throughout the game.

Which brings us to …

The multiverse of The Elder Scrolls?

Let’s face it, the Elder Scrolls universe already exists. The game series began in 1994, with The Elder Scrolls: Arena. By the time of release, it has become a breakthrough in the action-RPG genre. A year later, PC Gamer US named it 18th greatest game of all time.

Following the success, Bethesda Game Studios (Bethesda Softworks) continued the series with four new parts, each having two to eight spin-offs. Now the name “Elder Scrolls” is synonymous with a good RPG game. Moreover, while all fans of the series are waiting for the sixth installment, they are playing The Elder Scrolls Online, a multiplayer game in the universe.

As you can see, the universe is vast and all the parts are interconnected by name, genre, storyline and setting. However, a player who purchases a new game starts over from the beginning. Which is good for a single player game but creates an entry barrier for newbies for a multiplayer game.

So far, the ability to transfer your unique character formed throughout the game into The Elder Scrolls Online doesn’t even exist. Of course, there are a lot of questions regarding this process and if that happens, The Elder Scrolls Online will be a whole different game.

Nonetheless, adopting blockchain is the most obvious way to make this possible. Plus, it could turn the Elder Scrolls universe into a multiverse. What we mean here is the possibility for your game character to migrate from one game to another.

Additionally, if you “register” your character as an NFT, you can auction it off in an internal or external market. In other words, the blockchain gives all the opportunities to truly own your character. That’s what RPG games stand for: your character is sort of a representation of yourself. This is why owning it and passing it on from game to game offers a greater immersion in the world of the game.

On the reverse

  • If this happens, an option to “save” your game character as an NFT would not be free. As practice shows, NFTs are expensive digital works of art to create.
  • There remains a question about backward compatibility. For example, each next game in the series is more technologically advanced than the last. This means that there are a lot of things that developers have to think ahead of in order to create the true multiverse.
  • Bethesda has never been noticed in any blockchain interest, unless the crazy conspiracy theory created by the studio

Stormrite: Looks like Skyrim but on Blockchain

Of course, hoping that big game studios get “blockchained” is a good thing, but reality shows that the implementation of cutting edge technology is a hallmark of independent developers.

In one particular case, a single independent developer is responsible for the entire game: Kelechi Apakama. According to the official project’s Reddit channel, the development process began two years ago. However, Stormrite recently raised over $ 55,000 on Kickstarter, in order to speed up the demo release date. Preliminary, it is set for the fourth quarter of 2022.

The game is set up to be an action-RPG with blockchain functionality. While it looks more visually like the Witcher series, the game promises to include most of the elements and idiosyncrasies of Skyrim. The role of blockchain in gaming is still unknown. However, the game has joined the Enjin NFT ecosystem, which means backward compatibility with Enjin’s “The Multiverse” package. Additionally, other games in the Enjin ecosystem will be able to accept Stormrite NFTs if the developers allow such support.

So, will Bethesda jump on the blockchain train? Probably not – at least soon. Big game studios are taking very careful steps when implementing new features so as not to frighten existing audiences. This is why it’s safe to assume that they would rather create a new action-RPG series with full blockchain support rather than radically changing the Elder Scrolls concept.

Why should you care?

There are a lot of projects like Stormrite that exist so far in the embryonic stage. However, some of them will reach the final version someday. When that happens, gamers will be faced with a full-fledged choice between blockchain games and those without this technology. There is a chance that the first option could steal the show or even become a cover pig if done correctly.

That’s why the big game studios should start thinking about it in advance. In the meantime, players should pay attention to new blockchain projects as they offer more opportunities than regular games.


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