Borderlands board game goes live on Kickstarter

The list of board games based on video games keeps growing. Today, the hit title, Borderlands, saw its official board game release on Kickstarter.

The list of board games based on video games keeps growing. Still a successful title today, Borders, saw the official release of their board game on Kickstarter. Funded in record time, the number of contributors has blown the creators away and many lofty goals have already been unlocked thanks to the fans.

Borders is a popular western-style video game in which players attempt to find the mystical place known as “The Vault”. In the meantime, they have to shoot and loot to make their way through the levels to unlock items and upgrade weapons. The game adds another level of fun by allowing players to play cooperatively, which essentially means two players can play on one console at the same time. Borders, which was released in 2009, has been a very popular game since its inception. There are four episodes to the series and each one entices players with fun DLC and an exciting new challenge.


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Released on Kickstarter by Monster Fight Club, Borderlands: Mister Torgue’s Badassery Arena is a cooperative and multiplayer board game based on the Borders Games. The pledge goal was $ 80,000 and it was achieved in 15 minutes, with many lofty goals underway. At the time of publication, the project is currently around $ 380,000 with nine of the extended goals unlocked. Some of those ambitious goals included new characters (like everyone’s favorite, Claptrap), new maps that add bonuses to the game, and a new goal that allows players to upgrade their vending machines. Mr. Torgue, the main character, sends waves of villains to the players by having them each defeat in order to prove that they are the “Ultimate Badass”. The Kickstarter page explains the game in depth and even includes a video that shows viewers how to play. With 20 days to go, it will be exciting to see what else they might have in store.

Claptrap in the movie Borderlands

The board game appears to be inspired by and the characters from Borders Downloadable content Mr. Torque’s campaign of carnage. There are two different financing options for Arena Monsieur Torgues de Badassery. The first is the “Arena Casualty” level which costs $ 85 and the second is “True Badass” which costs $ 135. Those who contribute to the “Arena Casualty” will receive a copy of the base game itself and will not receive any of the Stretch Goals. On the other hand, the “True Badass” level gives backers access to the main game and all unlocked stretch goals.

Borders isn’t the first video game to see a game-based board game get teased this year. In February, developer Concerned Ape discontinued the Valley of stars board game without notice. Of course, these two games will be drastically different, but the love of board games based on video games is growing. The Borders board game will definitely be an exciting and fun challenge for friends and family to take together, much like video game

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