Board game ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ on the table

Sleigh full of toys? To verify. Greedy reindeer team? To verify. Damn ax? Eh?

As Christmas approaches, Fright Rags announced a new way to spend the holidays this week playing Quiet Night, Mortal Night: the Game. Based on the 1984 seasonal slasher, the board game can be purchased through a Kickstarter campaign, according to a report on Check out the game box design on this page.

The game, as explained, contains a set of 30 action cards, five “elimination zones” and pieces that allow contestants to play as Sister Margaret, Mr. Simms, Andy and Denise from the movie. A kill spinner, dice, roadblock tokens, snowballs, and a save badge are also included. And don’t forget Billy’s Santa Claus weapons: an ax, a bow, arrows and a hammer.

Working as a team, one to four players will need “strategy, courage and a little luck” to keep Santa Billy from reaching the St. Mary’s Home for Orphaned Children. Players can collect weapons, roadblocks, and snowballs to aid in combat, then “spin the top to determine your fate.”

Quiet Night, Mortal Night– Directed by Charles E. Sellier Jr. from a screenplay by Michael Hickey – follows a young man named Billy who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after witnessing the murder of his parents on Christmas Eve by a man disguised as a Father Christmas. As an adult, he suffers from depression and embarks on a murderous madness dressed in a Santa Claus costume.

Despite poor reviews and dropping from theaters a week after its release, the film grossed $ 2.5 million on a budget of $ 750,000. Since then, the film has become a cult favorite, spawning four sequels and a loose remake in 2012. Another reboot, as featured here in Horror News Network, is slated for release in 2022.

Keep reading Horror News Network for updates on restarting Quiet Night, Mortal Night and his board game.

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